Website hits top 50,000

Since its launch some 18 months ago I have been pleasantly surprised at the growing number of hits on this website.

 Originally intended to co-ordinate all my stories across different publications after I left the Guardian, the site has taken on a life all of its own-particularly since the beginning of this year.

My thanks to all those who have come to read the blogs and also those in search of some of the pictures used to illustrate the site. By far the biggest interest has been in a joint of roast beef – used to illustrate traditional Tory right-wing values. This alone attracted 20,000 hits.

The coverage of London Fire Brigade and the impending collapse of the private company, AssetCo attracted some 5,000 hits – with a big following among trade unionists at the Fire Brigades Union and a lot of interest from private share buying sites, as they saw their investment collapse.

Similarly coverage of Barnet Council and the scandal surrounding its bust private security company has been attracting anything from 300 to over 1,000 hits.

The launch of Armchair Audit – a blog that audits the people making the cuts – led to surge of intrerest in Brian Coleman, the Barnet councillor and chair of the London fire brigade – he has attracted over 2600 hits. And  the government’s  double standards on green issues -attracted over 900.

 Labour’s failure to tackle the interest payments on the huge loans left by Tony Blair’s donors – attracted the largest number of blog hits – now over 4000 – it helped it got links from Guido Fawkes, Conservative Home, Political Betting and Nick Robinson’s blog on the BBC. So many thanks to everyone and keep on coming.

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