Revised trial date set for ” Nick ” the man accused of perverting the course of justice over the Westminster paedophile investigation

CROSS POSTED ON BYLINE.COM REVISED VERSION FOLLOWING  FRESH DEVELOPMENTS    The man whose allegations of child sexual abuse and murder led to a full scale Met Police inquiry into  alleged  VIP Westminster paedophiles involving former ministers and MPs  is to stand trial next April. The man known only as ” Nick”  for legal reasons  faces […]

Nick and allegations of the Westminster paedophile ring: The perversion of justice charge sheet

CROSS POSTED ON BYLINE.COM The Crown Prosecution Service has decided  there is sufficient evidence to charge “Nick ” the  50 year old man whose allegations led to Operation Midland – the Met Police investigation into  allegations that prominent politicians and military figures were involved in the sexual abuse and murder of children -with perverting the […]

Child sex abuse:How Lady Macur exonerated the Waterhouse inquiry over convicted paedophile Gordon Anglesea

CROSS POSTED ON BYLINE.COM While the political world was convulsed over Brexit  Whitehall decided to remove one of  the major redactions in last year’s report by Lady Macur, an appeal judge, which reviewed the inquiry undertaken by Sir Ronald Waterhouse  in the 1990s into the scandal of child sex abuse in North Wales. The redaction […]

Exclusive: How newly found “destroyed” papers revive the mystery of the notorious gay and paedophile Elm Guest House

CROSS POSTED ON BYLINE.COM UPDATE: Since this article was published a fresh source has come forward to my colleague Mark Conrad, who also wrote about Elm Guest House, showing that Carol Kasir was born Carol Linda Jones in the West Riding of Yorkshire on 4 July 1942 and was never born in Germany. She and […]

Sir Edward Heath: Paedophile or No Paedophile?

CROSS POSTED ON BYLINE.COM The long awaited Operation Conifer report  by Wiltshire Police into allegations against the former late Prime Minister  Edward Heath sums up the dilemmas investigating historic child sex abuse when the alleged perpetrator is now dead. Child sexual abuse – because it is essentially a shameful and private act – is one […]

How a Roman Catholic paedophile priest who mixed with celebs nearly escaped justice

CROSS POSTED ON BYLINE.COM One of the successes of the Met Police investigation into the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes was the arrest and conviction of a Roman Catholic priest Anthony McSweeney who was jailed for three years  in 2015 for sexually abusing a teenager and making indecent images of children. The inquiry into […]

Britain: A nation of paedophile voyeurs

CROSS POSTED ON BYLINE.COM Simon Bailey,  the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for child protection, has caused a storm of controversy this week by suggesting  that people who view pornographic pictures of children on the net should not be prosecuted. He wants to limit prosecutions to people who direct  child sexual abuse on line and […]

Paedophile loses case to ban Facebook from publishing his criminal past

CROSS POSTED ON BYLINE.COM An important judicial decision came out over the Christmas recess in a highly controversial case in Northern Ireland which has led a paedophile to claim £20,000 for harassment because of a blog revealing his criminal past. The ruling is particularly significant as more people get their news from Facebook and Google […]

Is Lowell Goddard moving towards a ” Show Trial ” over the Westminster Paedophile Ring?

CROSS POSTED ON BYLINE.COM Last month I  highlighted Ben Emmerson’s opening address to the Goddard Inquiry in which the leading counsel raised the argument of examining false accusations of child sex abuse and finding  against those who made them – effectively putting ” survivors on trial “. I wrote: “this threat …must be very real […]

Westminster Paedophile Inquiry Row: A shrewd move by Scotland Yard

The decision by Sir Bernard Hogan Howe, the Met Police Commissioner, to ask Sir Richard Henriques, a distinguished  retired judge, to review police procedures covering Operation Midland is very shrewd. At a stroke it will knock down the hysterical coverage in some newspapers of the investigation which has involved prominent VIPs being interviewed by the […]