On Byline Times: Labour ambush the Tories over 50swomen pensions:is it an election game changer?

Standing firm for full restitution for 50swomen

This article unlike my earlier one on the offer of compensation to 3.8 million 50swomen looks at the political moves that led Labour to make this offer which is not full restitution. It asks whether it is going to be a game changer in the 2019 General election? Read it in full on Byline Times here.

11 thoughts on “On Byline Times: Labour ambush the Tories over 50swomen pensions:is it an election game changer?

  1. It will certainly benefit the rich but it isn’t going to do anything for the poorest women. It is being classed as taxable income so anyone claiming ESA, JSA, Housing Benefit, Council Tax benefit or Pension Credit will just see their benefits reduced. Labour will give with one hand and take straight back with the other.


  2. I think it’s a very good offer. All the demonstrations that have been done and totally ignored by the tories, its good to know at least one party has listened and are going to right this wrong.


  3. Hi
    In the What the sun says column yesterday. Disgusted how they portrayed our plight. Sent them an E mail to say if they’d lost £40.000 I doubt very much if they’d go so what.
    Also some are saying because other women aren’t struggling financially as some Brn in the 1950’s why should they compensate them.
    All 1950’s women are equal in this fight as we all paid our dues and expected to retire at 60


  4. Iam Sorry to say I have lost all faith in BJ his u turn on a promise to have some resolution when he came to power to help the 50s pension ladies . I am one if those 63 and want to stop working to help out with my grand children so their parents can work and build their retirement pot , think I have earned that right after paying a full stamp for 45 years a widow with no other income also denied my husbands pension too whom had paid in also for 45 years didn’t even get to see his pension so his pot of money has disappeared like hundreds of others .
    The lid on the coffin came this last week
    BJ made a visit to my local hospital
    Didn’t visit the AE where other were on trolleys down the corridor staff working flat out no he went to a much rehearsed ward fully staffed and more depleted the night staff that same evening of staff might I add
    Staff were told not to approach him
    Don’t ask him any questions
    If you were spoken too you were the chosen few and they were told what to say . I found this a totally misleading of the state of our AE especially apparently he was not busing AE because of a security risk too many doors what a joke we work there every day at risk
    No he didn’t come down to see the reality more like .

    So BJ you have lost my vote But more importantly now where to go from here ?


  5. I have just watched Jeremy Corbyn being interviewed by Andrew Neal and I will definitely not be voting Labour. He could not give a definitive answer to any questions put to him. He does not have the money to pay our pensions or compensation he would have to borrow it even though it will be paid over the next few years. As for the other policies he stated he would keep the country safe but could not say he would “take out” (the words used not mine) an ISIS terrorist wearing a suicide vest threatening us but he would wait and see at the time. He is a ditherer and will not give a straight answer. Oh my goodness I would be really worried if he came into power, it’s frightening just listening to him. I don’t believe we will get a payout as the money is not there, we’ll get a big let down if they get voted in. I think we should stick with the court case. Very worried.


  6. A trickle of money over 5 years is not going to dig me out of the financial difficulty I am in. If they are paying it back as though we have loaned it to them, then I want interest accrued at the very least! But really I still want full restitution and to have it paid back in lump sums, so that it will actually be useful.


  7. I think it is time for a reality check. Placing all hope in a successful court case & ignoring a political solution is foolish, as the odds are stacked against a successful legal outcome. The return of a Tory or Coalition government will be disastrous for 50s women – both Tories and Libdems have made it absolutely clear that they have no interest in justice for those affected. The only real chance for some restitution is from a Labour government. The levels of payment may not be ideal, and for me it would be very little, but it will help an awful lot of the older women now living in the worst circumstances, and I think we should consider those who are most in need. If Labour are elected, and the court case, by some miracle, is successful, then no harm is done: but with no other options within grasp at the moment, we really have no choice but make sure Labour is elected, and the principle of restitution put into practice.


  8. This is the response I received from my local CON servative (sic) candidate

    “Thank you for contacting me about the State Pension Age.

    Since the Conservatives came into Government in 2010, we have provided
    greater security, choice and dignity for people in retirement, while also
    ensuring that the system is sustainable for future generations.

    In 1995, the then-Government decided that it was going to make the State
    Pension Age the same for men and women, as a long-overdue move towards
    gender equality. Raising the State Pension Age in line with life
    expectancy changes has been the policy of successive administrations over
    many years.

    The State Pension Age has been equalised in a gradual way by governments
    of all colours – Conservative, Labour and Coalition. When the rate of
    change was accelerated in 2011, nearly six million letters were sent out
    by the Department for Work and Pensions to inform people, and more than £1
    billion has been provided to ensure no woman would have their pension date
    delayed by more than 18 months.

    Over three million women stand to receive an average of £550 more per year
    by 2030 as a result of the recent reforms Conservatives have made to the
    State Pension – and we are providing a clearer, sustainable system for the

    I am aware that Corbyn’s Labour Party are promising more money but they have
    not set out how they will raise the funds to do this – so it’s hard to know
    whether you can believe them given the cost is around £60bn.”

    Needless to say local Labour candidate is fully in support of righting this wrong.

    I and all my family and friends have been staunch Conservative voters all our lives.
    That just stopped.


    • Gosh I emailed every MP standing in my area and not one if them has replied. Who do I vote for? I hate wasting my vote but none of them deserve it 🤨


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