Why Dominic Cummings, the Goddess of Chaos, won’t quit

The rare press conference in the garden of Downing Street at which Dominic Cummings explained why he was not going to resign over breaking lockdown rules

One of the extraordinary questions that have puzzled people is why Dominic Cummings – who has been in the centre of a storm over breaking Covid -19 lockdown regulations – has not been forced to quit.

Much of the speculation has centred round the PM’s weakness in not sacking him, despite over 90 Tory MPs attacking him, one minister resigning and widespread anger among the law abiding majority of the public. Even a collapse in Tory support has not led to it.

The answer has been staring people in the face. One of the issues I wrote in Byline Times – Dominic Cumming’s billion dollar brainbox – last week. While the pandemic was gaining pace, Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, gave Dominic Cummings £800m, for a project about which he has been campaigning for years – the setting up of a Downing Street Advance Research Projects Agency. Sunak described it as a “blue skies funding agency”.Who would want to quit when they have received such largesse for a pet project that they have slaved over for years?

In 2018, he wrote a 47-page document concluding that a British ARPA would cover research into “machine learning, robotics, energy, neuroscience, genetics, cognitive technologies… and, crucially, funding what now seem ‘crazy’ ideas just as the internet and quantum computers seemed ‘crazy’ before they became mainstream”.

Scientists would be given millions of pounds for unaccountable projects – some of which will fail – with the aim of changing Britain forever.

He also wanted to scrap European data protection laws which allow individuals to refuse access to their personal data on privacy grounds when they go to websites – allowing extensive data mining for venture capitalists who will exploit the new products to make billions of pounds.

Now, the second reason he will not go is that he wants either a “no deal” Brexit or for Europe to capitulate to the UK’s demands, so that Europe is no longer an integral working single market.

Both proposals – the ARPA scheme and No Deal Brexit – are potentially dangerous because they will cause chaos.

But I think that is exactly what Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson want – in fact Cummings relishes it.

Both are intelligent men. Both have degree – level knowledge of the classics and ancient history.

Both will know about ancient Greek mythology. One of the most ancient Greek goddesses is the goddess of chaos. chaos is an ancient Greek word and is the source of our English word. There is a useful website here about the ancient Greek history of chaos.

It says : “Chaos was the origin of everything and the very first thing that ever existed. It was a primordial void, which everything was created from including the universe and the Greek Gods. In ancient Greek, Chaos is translated as ‘the gaping void.’’

Here’s a simple YouTube video about it:

A simple Greek mythology guide to Chaos

chaos is an ancient Greek word and is the source of our English word.

Cummings is now planning to create the UK’s own ”year Zero” with a modern twist – by leaving the EU after such a long time Britain will have start from scratch – and use modern technology to survive. His ARPA project will dictate where we go in the future.

The author Naomi Klein wrote about “disaster capitalism” in her book The Shock Doctrine, as described here.

Now Cummings, who spent 1994-1997 in Russia, is putting “disaster capitalism” theory into practice. And, of course, chaos serves the Russian political machine, just as it serves the extremes of Western free-market capitalism.

You and I might find this rather scary but for Cummings the chaos is his seventh heaven – a once in a lifetime chance to reshape Britain while disrupting everything that could be said to be stable.

And at the moment the ” Goddess of Chaos” holds a lot of the cards – his worshippers include most of the Cabinet who are required to tweet their support like a mantra from a Greek chorus. And the ” Goddess of Chaos” even has two altar boys – Conservative right wingers Tom Harwood and Darren Grimes – to do his bidding and explain away his faults.

There is a final irony. The last General Election was fought on the lines of the danger of a left wing Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn destroying Britain and creating “chaos”. The negative campaigning by the Tories and right-wing press worked.

But what we will have now is such a cultural and chaotic revolution under Cummings that will make any perceived threat from Corbyn look like a Teddy Bears picnic.

8 thoughts on “Why Dominic Cummings, the Goddess of Chaos, won’t quit

  1. Unfortunately we are surrounded by Narcissi.intent on on covering their tricks with a sweet smell cover up.No facts just a side step as to the facts ,No facts. Interesting that Boris and all his Side kicks produce no facts on TV,Only Eyewash that they are sorting this virus scientifically,yet none of them appear to be good at Science? and the Science not really up and running as was the ppa in the first place,Testing? England looks a mine field for reinfection and the MPs,almost like Spitting Images caricatures ,batting for England and telling you nothing.


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  3. Either Dominic Cummings is a genius who never makes mistakes and is far ahead of the rest of us in all things, or he is someone with limitations, fixed ideas and makes mistakes of logic and omission. I know which one it is. He is arrogant enough to set forth all his thinking on his blog for us to admire, together with extensive reading lists to put us off challenging him. But if someone – more intelligent than me – actually took him seriously enough to get to grips with his autodidactic thinking and point out the flaws in it – he would be destroyed permanently. More than this, Johnson – who relies on Cummings 100% for intellectual heft – would be left naked.


  4. That’s all true and problematic enough but omits those who actually pull all the levers, the 25,000 people that own 84% of England and influence or control much of the rest.

    Brexit is nothing more, nor less, than a stunning victory for this malignant minority, some of whom can trace their “ownership” back some 954 years.

    Winning Brexit lets them take away the rights and legal recourses of 68 million people, reducing them from citizens with rights to subjects with privileges, and extends their control of the country.

    Cummings and Johnson, regardless of their personal aims, are mere servants of these people.


  5. Cummings May think he is clever, but his pathetic stories he concocted to try to justify his family jolly to Durham belonged in the infants school playground, so pathetic were they.


  6. Cummings May think he is clever, but the pathetic twaddle he concocted to try to justify his family holiday to Durham and the 30 mile drive to test alleged illness-damaged eyesight during Lockdown, were pathetic and belonged in the infant school playground.


  7. It has been clear to me since Dominic Cummings got away with his we trip to Durham who is running the Country and it’s not Boris Johnson.
    He is mearly the face of government.
    I am sure Dominic told him I’ll get you elected to the post you have always wanted, then I can do what I want.


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