How a leading expert on home working is stymied by the government’s “litany” of failures to deliver broadband

John Howkins. You can find him at

MPs condemn multiple failures on planned broadband provision

John Howkins is well known in the creative industry as an innovator, author and an international speaker. His books – particularly relevant in the present pandemic – highlight a new way to look at work based at home. His latest book ” Invisible Work” concentrates on how people in work can adapt to the new age of artificial intelligence rather than be made redundant by it.

His world centres on publishing, TV, film, digital media and streaming – all the new technologies brought to us by the huge growth of the new digital age.

Supreme Irony

It is therefore a supreme irony that his opportunity to engage in this age of isolation has been wrecked by a Conservative government breaking its manifesto promise to bring broadband to everyone. The failed manifesto pledge – only a year after it was made – is highlighted today in a new report from the all party House of Commons Public Accounts Committee.

For Mr Howkins’ problem is that he lives in rural Norfolk near Attleborough in the Parliamentary constituency of Mid Norfolk represented by Tory MP George Freeman – a tech enthusiast who has written pamphlets on how technology can save the NHS. But as yet has done nothing to help his constituents get the broadband they need.

Mr Howkins like millions of others living rural Britain has no proper broadband that can download videos in seconds or easily stream Netflix or the BBC I Player. And today MPs on the Commons Public Accounts Committee tell you why.

On November 20 last year Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, unceremoniously dumped the promise to all voters to get fast broadband by 2025 – and substituted a promise for 85 per cent coverage – dumping most rural parts of the UK ( and many Tory voters) in the process. Cynics might suggest the Tories only made this pledge because Jeremy Corbyn, for Labour, had promised a universal free broadband service – saying it should be a basic utility in the 21st century like water or electricity.

Ministry admits target unachievable

The MPs report concludes that not only in ministers’ words ““clear that Government’s 2019 election pledge to deliver nationwide gigabit broadband connectivity by 2025 was unachievable”  but that even this lower target will be missed.

There is supposed to be £5 billion of our money put aside to bring this about but the report reveals that the Department for Culture ,Media and Sport, has yet to allocate 75 percent of this money one year into government for the contracts to do this.

It also warns : PAC is “increasingly concerned that those in rural areas may have to pay more, and may reach gigabit broadband speeds late” and is not convinced that “if and when rural users finally do get gigabit broadband, they will enjoy the same choice of service provider and the same protections as their urban counterparts”.

The scoreboard of failures by the ministry is appalling Mps found:

  • failure to make meaningful progress to tackle the barriers faced by operators in maximising gigabit connectivity by 2025,
  • failure to demonstrate it has learnt lessons from the superfast programme for the detailed design of the gigabit programme,
  • failure to demonstrate how its centralised procurement model will retain the people, skills and knowledge in local authorities that were critical to success in the superfast programme,
  • failure to give any reassurance that local authorities will get additional funding to retain their expert resources at a time when local government finances are under severe pressure from the pandemic,
  • failure to make any meaningful progress in delivering the policy and legislative changes deemed essential by industry to achieve rapid roll-out,
  • failure “yet again” to prioritise consumers in rural areas

Well done culture secretary Oliver Dowden ( NOT )!

Meg Hillier: chair of the Public Accounts Committee

Meg Hillier MP, Labour Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, said: “With the grim announcement that the country and economy will be locked down for months, the Government’s promises on digital connectivity are more important than ever. But due to a litany of planning and implementation failures at DCMS, those promises are slipping farther and farther out of reach – even worse news for the “rural excluded” who face years trying to recover with substandard internet connectivity.  

“For the foreseeable future, ever more of our lives is moving online, whether we like it or not. Government cannot allow digital inequality to continue to compound and exacerbate the economic inequality that has been so harshly exposed in the Covid19 pandemic. It needs to be clear about timelines in each area so that businesses and individuals can plan for their digital future.”

As for Mr Howkins, his submission to MPs said: ” My current supplier is BT. I have an upload speed of a maximum of 0.3MB and a download speed of 3.0 MB.  BT engineers have visited three times in the past few months and have been unable to improve on these speeds. Several neighbours are in the same position.

“It is therefore difficult to carry on business at present. Our ability to receive even a moderately sized data file is limited. It is impossible to upload a video file of any significant size. Interactive usage (banking) often fails. This week, I led presentations in China and Chile. My own internet link was worse than anyone else’s”

… “The suppliers celebrate their gigabit services but do nothing for those, like me, who would be delighted to have a much lower rate, say 10MB down and 2-3 up.

Regulatory failure

” It is a regulatory failure in the UK that broadband providers are evaluated according to national averages rather than the meeting of local need. So they benefit much more by providing 1GB to a one location, even if it is seldom used, than by providing an increase of 10MB to 10 locations. And providing 1GB to one location is treated as the equivalent to providing 10MB to 100 locations.”

” The pandemic has shown up the extent of the government’s failure.  Although offices will re-open to some extent, the numbers working from home will increase.

I find it extraordinary in 2020 that the UK does not have universal service for broadband as it has for other utilities. Yes, broadband is a utility. “

He told me that he had been reduced to finding a friend who had better connections to do a lot of his work. His only alternative would be to use a local library which had restricted opening times.

He must be one among millions who have this problem and the UK is far behind other European countries.

” I’d be happy if we could reach the standards available in Romania”, he said.

5 thoughts on “How a leading expert on home working is stymied by the government’s “litany” of failures to deliver broadband

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  2. Pretty sure it’s all part of the plan…..they’ve been waiting for tech to catch up! So a) it costs them less b) lots less roads to dig up…..they cal it 5g, in reality it’s more like 5000g….(only a tiny fraction of the frequencies involved will actually be used for communication). It gives them the ability to record everybody in their homes in full 3d holoporn 24/7. It gives them the power to remotely induce heart attacks in people at a touch of a button. Or destroy their concentration by inducing headaches and dizziness, ringing in the ears….It can also be used to transmit v3K, synthetic telepathy…you can actually make people believe they’re going crazy with this! It’s not being built for your own good, as always it is for theirs…It was built by DARPA. That is the agency that builds advanced WEAPONS not communication systems. Russia doesn’t have 5g, in fact they have some of the most restrictive legislature against these types of tech in the world. Now please look at the map showing Covid infections around the world….you see how Russia has a lot less of it? Do you think there might be a correlation there?

    Dementia cases are increasing at exponential rates. What else has changed in the environment in reason years that could possibly cause this?

    Some of us are far more sensitive than others….since 5g and smart arse meters went in around here I’ve been suffering a lot more headaches, blurred vision, aches and pains and just so tired all the time….

    What possible reason could they have for silencing people in mental prisons for talking about these things?


    one example of many…..crazy population growing by 40% every YEAR in England and Wales last time i checked the government stats…if anything I bet it has increased. So, how many political dissidents in England…according to official stats. It’s zero. Why is nobody really talking about this….?


    • Can I say we do not have crazy people in this country, we have people with Mental Health Problems: the causes are many and varied some genetic, others caused by illegal substances and others like legal substances like alcohol and others by social deprivation on a scale we have not seen since the war.
      Before you blame the smart meter (everyone can have hypothesis, even I do), lets look at your symptons, oddly I have many of these symptons, but do not have a smart meter. You could have any of the following:
      Migraine, low blood sugar levels, Post-Traumatic Headache, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Glaucoma
      Alcohol Induced Headache, Eye Strain Headache
      Orthostatic Headache, Hypotension Headache
      Spinal Headache, Hypertension Headache
      Brain Aneurysm, Brain Haemorrhage. I suggest you see a doctor, if you have already, get a second opinion.
      Blaming it on the smart meter could be risking your life.
      My qualifications, been in an out of hospital all my life and the one thing I learnt was never totally accept what the doctors might say and look for alternative causes and discuss it with them. You have settled for Smart Meters, I would certainly be looking for alternatives.


      • what makes you think I haven’t done my research? and a campaign of civil disobedience does include not engaging these people in conversation….


  3. Why are you shocked/surprised? They’ve managed to mess up everything they’ve touched when lives are at stake – why would something that makes their and our lives easier have any priority? Probably best to let them concentrate on one thing at a time…..


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