After sending up Boris Johnson, Joe Politics turns on Keir Starmer

The honeymoon must truly be over for Keir Starmer as Labour leader. Out today is a biting satirical video from Joe Politics on Keir Starmer and his move to shift Labour to the small c conservative right to attract back those “Red Wall ” voters. Corbynistas must be enjoying this one. Indeed Tommy Corbyn has already tweeted lol.

10 thoughts on “After sending up Boris Johnson, Joe Politics turns on Keir Starmer

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  2. These “red wall” voters don’t really exist – they are in the main uneducated labour voters who latched on to the myth that Brexit was going to make their miserable situation better. When they see that it won’t they’ll flock back to Labour – so Keir doesn’t need to move to the right to woo them back!


    • I’d be surprised, TBH. These are the same sort of people who voted Labour for seats in the GLA, but “Boris for mayor ,because e’s fuhneee, inneee?”

      Maybe Keith wants to organise Labour in Northern Ireland for the first time, so he’s looking for the flegger vote?


  3. What a hoot!! Joe Politics is about the only ‘politics’ that is even remotely interesting. Whether it’s the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems or any party in between, none of them have done anything to offer any real support for the 1950’s women .So sod em all


  4. never forget this is also the guy who threatened to put the survivors of the worst physical and child sex abuse you can imagine in prison for years….simply for them having the audacity to do his job as director of prosecutions….not even a show trial or anything! and this cuntry still masquerades as a liberal democracy… people even know that they can be gaoled for many years now without even a judge, never mind a jury involved?


    • The problem is Jake do they care as long as its not them. “they are in the main uneducated labour voters”? It might surprise people to discover we have had over 15 Education Acts of Parliament, as my old Professor said ” having lost the Empire, Parliament as found itself a new role and like the Empire, Parliamentarian’s know little if anything about education, unless it relates to Eton. When did Tory voters become the fount of all knowledge? They are even more susceptible to state propaganda and often act irrationality in the polling booth and why is this happening.
      In many ways the problems we have faced in the UK are down to the state education system, the teaching of history was until recently appaling so centred upon England or Scotland, the world beyond these shores were filled with uncouth Barbarians from Europe, (exception Rome hailed as a civilisation to look up to, lets forget the genocide mass slaughter and slavery of the Roman Empire). So our history as made us not an Island Race, but people who know very little beyond these shores, a reason why some English Nationalists get away with portraying foreigners as uncouth dirty, unwashed beings. This of course why the Brexiters found fertile ground to preach their nonsense even Tory MP’s confused the ECHR with the ECJ. How many people ever did a course on the EU? So I agree to a certain extent that people voted on a subject they knew little about. Why because Parliament knew best, it was best to keep the people ignorant on such matters and it blew up in their face,


      • wanted to like your comment but for some reason my account doesn’t exist when i try that! but i can still post from it….but yeah i largely agree, why we ended up with smart bombs and a nation of stupid people…. 😦 I’m pretty brain damaged by what has been inflicted on me over the years and left to rot last decade and a half….but pretty well educated still and i just truly can’t understand why the vast majority of the population can’t see what i see……….i’m just hoping I can mange to drink myself to death now before Phase 3 and 4 starts, or whatever their actual schedule is now……


  5. In a time we are losing 1000 + a day, it is NOT the time to be arguing. It’s a time when they should be getting their heads together????


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