Millionaire donors bankruptcy threat to Labour attracts record interest

Just a short note to thank readers who took this website to record levels this week. Not only did it contribute to a  new  high of 3604 in one day, but the  Labour woes story attracted 3848 hits.

Altogether there were over 6500 hits on the website – the majority about the financial killing by Tony Blair’s millionaire donors  who are still lending the party almost £9m. Particular thanks to Paul Staines whose Guido Fawkes website led to 3100 of the 3848 hits ( and two comments from his nibs on the story )and to those who posted a link on the BBC’s Nick Robinson blog and the Political Betting websites, which attracted nearly another 300 hits. Some 17 also came from the Westminster blog on the  Financial Times which commented on the tale.

The second largest hit was on the story revealing three  directors of AssetCo – the private fire fighting company with contracts in London and the Middle East  were quitting their jobs in the wake of the financial crisis that is hitting the firm. Nearly 1700 people read the piece with a large number of hits referred from the Fire Brigades Union, which is fighting the privatisation of fire services, and 91 from Interactive Investor, the website discussion board for anxious shareholders of the company who have seen their shares drop from nearly 70p to 16p at the last count.

Lowest interest is in the plight of the Lib  Dems –  a piece attracted 96 viewers- a rating comparable to their present polling performance.

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