Readers top 3,400 for AssetCo, MetPro and green dirty tricks

Last week visits to the site topped 3459 with massive interest in the fate of AssetCo, the collapsing private fire company which owns London’s and Lincolnshire’s fire engines. Two blogs attracted  over 2500  hits. A big number came from the Fire Brigades union (many thanks), but a significant minority are people picking up  the blog from three small investor sites – as speculators wonder whether to dump their shares or throw more money at it. With shares at just 3.50p at the moment the company is little more than junk stock.

A sudden rush on an older blog exposing how the environment ministry has biased its ” red tape” review of green laws and regulations to favour burdens on business at the expense of the benefits of the  law, has attracted over 940 hits. Thanks to environment campaigner, George Monbiot, for retweeting it and attracting extra trade and a  few subscriptions.

Expect now a pause in blogging as I am off  to the tranquil and peaceful delights of the Isles of Scilly for hopefully an accident free holiday ( after my fall there last time!).

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