Barnet blogger row takes website hits to over 75,000:Twitter following tops 2000

Interest in Barnet council’s appalling attempt to criminalise and censor Mr Mustard, a local blogger, took the total number of hits on this website to over 75,000 – they are now over 76,500.

 The blog attracted over 3150 hits last week – making it the second all time most popular blog. The only blog that has been more popular is one exposing how Tony Blair’s millionaire donors are now charging 6.5 per cent on their loans to the Labour Party – which has had 4258 hits. Thanks to local Barnet bloggers,Guido Fawkes, the Guardian, Liberal Conspiracy and the Taxpayers Alliance for highlighting the Barnet blogging scandal.

 The Barnet row even surpassed interest in the ever popular audit of Brian Coleman, Barnet councillor and chair of the London Fire Brigade, whose  greedy expense claims,   £100,000 plus council allowance payments and use of cheap subsidised housing has now attracted 2738 hits.

And  thanks to some 27 kind souls are now regularly subscribing free to the blog – so they can follow every word if they want to.

 Armchair audit is about to be revived – so watch for some new analysis of  the wealth of top people leading the charge to cut pay, jobs and services.  Meanwhile Twitter following has jumped over the 2000 mark – so thanks for that!

One thought on “Barnet blogger row takes website hits to over 75,000:Twitter following tops 2000

  1. Not one of the 27 (actually 28 by now, it appears) but regular reader of your blog and Twitter – glad to see that there *is* life after The Guardian (and almost after Tribune). Look forward to Armchair Audit and hope it can be applied to all of the cutters, at all levels of public life, all over the country (space permitting)…and don’t forget the Civil Service amongst all the Local Government Officers, etc.


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