Brian Coleman: “Human Rights-My Backside!”

Brian Coleman - no to human rights

Tory councillor Brian Coleman – standing for election again this May as London Assembly Conservative member for Barnet and Camden – is at it again!

 In an interview for a foreign TV station he is making it clear again that he wants stringent controls over everybody who blogs on the internet – after the failed ” complaint” by his local council Barnet to try and get local blogger Derek Dishman fined and registered under the Data Protection Act for publishing public details about the views of Barnet officials on their own websites. If successful Barnet would have prevented bloggers writing anything about anyone except their own family and housemates -without being licenced by the DPA.

In an extraordinary interview – see  the councillor demands censorship and libel action against bloggers- and evidently beleives they don’t have right to criticise him or anyone else without bweing taken to court.

 What is worse it appears after this youtube except was put up on the website  followed a comment on Twitter Mr Coleman successfully moved to have the authors removed from their Twitter account. I don’t quite know what  the tweet said but it was not flattering and it may to do with the fact that he is living a subsidised Methodist housing charity flat while claiming £128,000 a year council allowances from four authorities and organisations.

Coleman has never responded to the accusations – but always been happy to condemn poorer people who complain about rising rents.

 Curious to know what David Cameron, Grant Shapps ( the local government minister) and Boris Johnson might think of his views on human rights and the internet. But if you are planning to vote for him, he is obviously standing on a platform of removing human rights from all Barnet and Camden citizens. Great platform for a democracy!

 Let him know  your views on this> he is contactable on

6 thoughts on “Brian Coleman: “Human Rights-My Backside!”

  1. Libel and other laws are already applicable to the Interent just as they are to newspapers. What he appears more concerned with is trying to stop people using the Internet to express their views about his failings to a wider audience than they would otherwise be able to reach.

    His actions appear more those of a man frightened that continued blogger scutiny will eventually uncover some dirty little secret.

    Someone should explain the Streisand effect to him.


  2. I’m sure there are many issues, such as recent increase in car parking charges and disabling of the (coin) parking machines which has been most inconvenient for any Barnet resident wanting to drive to the shops. Probably bad for the shops’ trade too.

    Perhaps if the people of Barnet had a say in these changes, or if we knew the reasons for these strange decisions or if we could see who benefits from the contracts then we wouldn’t think so ill of Brian.


    • In view of Brian Coleman’s recent, and not so recent bullying, illegal parking, dangerous driving, assaults on whistleblowing members of the public etc,( and consequent fines etc) and other totally outrageous behaviour perhaps the time has come when a psychiatrists report as to mental health should be one of the requirements for the electorate to assess before voting for councillors. There should also perhaps be a requirement for statements as to what society of funny handshakes they belong to, (this should also apply to senior Police and other appointments so that we can connect all the dots as to past and possible future interactions.)


  3. Tory councillor Brian Coleman sounds like the average self centred, money desensitised cock that so many wealthy people whether the have inherited a step up the ladder believe they have gained any success by their own merits.Who are unable to empathise with anyone but their own self gratification.

    Psychologically his traits point to one of if not borderline, full blown psychopathic and/or sociopathic tendencies.
    Fast to condemn, fast to use loopholes to hide their payment of taxes, fast to cry they are being treated bad, play the victim.


  4. I also have to agree with John that prior to any one standing to be elected should face a psychiatric assessment.
    Only issue with psychopathic/sociopathic is that they can manipulate others etc and are very well adapted to cover up.
    May be we should by the old saying of “anyone seeks power don’t give it to them”.
    Possibly a way of countering or weeding out the such likes of Coleman and listening to the many Freudian slips of Barnet’s Conservative Counsellors. Toxicity that normally dwells in a black heart and their dark shadows that is normally spoke only amongst similar toxic minds is similarly to the jury service a few individuals from the party they vote for should be called up for Councillor service.
    The following local elections another group are picked to run against the last years.
    Maybe then we can get away from the extreme polarisation of grunts such as Coleman and arrogant sort’s.


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