Website passes 100,000 views

This website in just over two years has now hit the 100,000 mark – 100,130 to be precise if you must know. This is far higher than I expected but then I didn’t intend to write over 100 blogs in the same period.

The home page itself has had over 16,000 hits. But for the record the six most popular stories are the tale on Blair’s donors getting 6,5 per cent interest on millions of pounds of loans to Labour (4324 hits); the abortive attempt to criminalise bloggers in Barnet (3433); the armchair audit of Brian Coleman, Barnet Tory councillor and chair of London fire brigade (2843); the Ed Lester tax scam (2785); Francis Maude’s ” House of the Rising Spads” (2702) and the  privatised London fire company Assetco facing a  financial crisis (2592).

 The most popular pic on the site- believe or not – is a joint of roast beef -used to illustrate the true blue Tory rebels fighting Cameron ( an amazing 20,000 views).

 Special thanks to the many people who boosted these figures including Guido Fawkes site, Political Scrapbook, Broken Barnet (Mrs Angry ),Mr Mustard,Liberal  Conspiracy,the London Fire Brigades Union,Political Betting, the Guardian and many others.

So far this year the site has had over 15,000 hits – compared to 17,000 for the whole launch year 2010. Interesting times.

3 thoughts on “Website passes 100,000 views

  1. not bad going, but why not try a few more jokes & do something about your spelling – crimalise? Course I realise you used to work for the Guardian. Instead of roast beef, try lamb or a vegetarian option.


  2. I see you still haven’t bothered to correct your spelling. Very sloppy. No wonder Lord Hunt wants to bring in some sort of regulation of bloggers – more attention to accuracy can only be a good thing if you ask me, and about time too.


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