Exclusive: Police raid gathers evidence on MPs and celebs in political paedo inquiry

The former Elm Tree Guest House now flats; Pic courtesy: Exaro

The former Elm  Guest House now flats. The raid was at a separate flat in London where Mary Moss lives. Pic courtesy: Exaro

Operation Fairbank, the Met  Police investigation, started after allegations from  Labour  MP  Tom Watson of an alleged paedo ring involving  Westminster MPs, has taken a significant new turn.

A report on Exaro News website ( http://www.exaronews.com ) today  by ex Guardian journos David Pallister and myself  goes into full details.

Basically documents, including a list of Mps , Conservative, Labour and Liberal – some dead, some alive – and other prominent figures , which we have seen but are not naming, are now in the possession of the police. They also have the 16 names of the boys who  could have been sexually abused.
The raid last week on the flat of Mary Moss, a former head of the now defunct National Association of Young People in Care, allowed police to look at documents relating to the Elm Tree Guest House in Barnes, west London, in the 1980s. Police obtained a search warrant after she declined to co-operate but she is now co-operating fully with the investigation.

Another 19 box files , hidden in a neighbours shed, were voluntarily handed over to the police by Mary Moss after  the raid.

The police have also asked Richmond Council to hand over a full dossier of young people in their care at the time after being alerted by a source who came to Exaro.

3 thoughts on “Exclusive: Police raid gathers evidence on MPs and celebs in political paedo inquiry

  1. Exaro (and of course yourself) have some credibility; I hope you continue your investigation of this issue. There is so much on the internet (on this subject) of a questionable nature, if the MSM will not get involved then Exaro is just about the only reliable source and driver.


  2. Famous list looks like a ragbag of names taken from the press.Not sure it proves anything except that someone once had a pen and a piece of paper.


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