Police raid home of former gay guest house contact in paedophile investigation

The former Elm Tree Guest House where Kasir was the contact and fined at the Old Bailey now flats  Pic courtesy: Exaro

The former Elm Guest House where Kasir was the contact and fined at the Old Bailey.Now flats Pic courtesy: Exaro

The  police investigation into the political paedophile ring has taken a new turn with detectives looking at  Haroon Kasir, known as Harry, who was the contact for the Elm Guest House home in Barnes at the time it is alleged it was used by MPs and other prominent people in the 1980s.

My former Guardian  colleague David Pallister has managed to trace Mr Kasir and had a brief conversation with him. His full story is at http://www.exaronews.com .

Harry Kasir was convicted at the Old Bailey in 1990 with his now dead wife of  keeping a disorderly house- a brothel –  , fined £1000 and given a nine month prison sentence suspended for two years.  The case was  reported in Capital Gay at the time.

Now aged 69 he went on to be a driving instructor and is said to be currently working as a driver for a Kingston based charity that helps disabled people. they are understood to have raided his home but he has not been arrested in connection with the investigation.

The move comes, as previously reported in Exaro and on this website,  when the police have upgraded the scoping exercise called Operation Fairbank to a criminal investigation, Operation Fernbridge.

Boys, some of them as young as ten, were said to be taken to the  guest house from a Richmond Council children’s home, Grafton Close, at the time. Evidence supplied to Exaro from a former employee of Richmond Council and from  Labour Mp, Tom Watson, is helping the police continue their investigation.

Tom Watson said:  I am confident that the Metropolitan police team are committed to a through investigation that leaves no stone unturned. As they get nearer the truth it is vital they are given the time and space to conduct the investigation without interference. I urge any witnesses or victims to come forward if they think they can help with the inquiry. No matter what has happened in the past, now is the time for your voice to be heard.”

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