Revealed: The Tory promotion of the ” paedophile ” guest house

The former Elm Tree Guest House Strongly recommended by Tory gay newsletter.Pic courtesy: Exaro

The former Elm Tree Guest House Strongly recommended by Tory gay newsletter.Pic courtesy: Exaro

The Conservative Campaign for Homosexual Equality ” strongly recommended ” the Elm House guest house as a venue for its members in 1982 at  time of alleged suppressed paedophile scandal, Exaro News ( ) and the Sunday People ( reveal today.

Investigations by me and former Guardian colleague David Pallister have uncovered an old Conservative  CHE newsletter which urged its membership from London and the Home Counties to use the facilities including the sauna and video room.

The newsletter went out during the year police raided the property and the guest house is now at the centre of a criminal investigation under Operation Fernbridge into whether young boys in the care of  Richmond Council and other authorities  were taken there to be sexually abused.

The existence of the reference in the CHE Group newsletter is the first official document linking the gay guest house in Barnes to the Conservative Party. Previous files taken from Mary Moss, organiser of the  now defunct National Association of Young People in Care which name 16 boys , two Conservative ministers , eight other MPs and other prominent people including people from social services- are written by a source who appeared to be staying at the guest house.

In a sense it shows how difficult the police investigation will be – since some of the guests will be consenting gay adults – who legitimately have the right to stay in a  gay hotel. The rest of newsletter concentrates on legitimate political campaigning but it is quite clear that   a special effort was made to promote this guest house among members.

Full Story in Exaro News(.

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