Updated: First two arrests in Richmond paedophile ring

The  Met Police investigation into the Elm Guest House paedophile brothel took a dramatic turn yesterday. The first two people suspected of being involved in the scandal were arrested at dawn yesterday in simultaneous police raids in Hastings and Norfolk.

The  first arrest at a flat in St Leonards came as Exaro reporters were outside the flat and witnessed the eight police from the paedophile unit arrive at 7.15 am. There is a full report and a picture of the arrested man being taken away by police on the exaro website (http://bit.ly/X2U3RK).

The first man to be arrested was John Stingemore, the former deputy manager of Grafton Close children’s home. Now 70 and frail he was taken to a local police station for further questioning. The police are investigating claims of child sexual abuse at the  home and at the guest house.

The second person is a 66-year old Roman Catholic priest, Tony McSweeney who was arrested in Norwich . Father McSweeney, a former chaplain to Norwich football club, is being asked about child sexual abuse at the Elm Guest House in the 1980s,

Grafton Close children’s’ home, closed since the 1990s, is on the borders of Richmond and Hounslow. One central allegation in the story is that  it supplied young boys to Elm Guest House,in Barnes  a place strongly recommended on the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality and offering discounts to people belonging to the Spartacus club, then an organisation  for men seeking sexual relations with young boys. Central to the allegations is the guest house for VIPs including politicians, government ministers and business people.

This is the first action by the Met police since 1982 when they raided the guest house and made 23 arrests. All the people were then released. Harry Kasir, the owner of the guest house, was later charged and convicted of running a gay brothel.

Both men have now been released by the police on bail until April pending further inquiries.

Police are  appealing for more  people to come forward and contact the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000.

9 thoughts on “Updated: First two arrests in Richmond paedophile ring

  1. As Exaro collaborated with Channel 4 News in their report this evening, can you explain to me why Paraic O’Brien described most online commentary as “a cottage industry” ?

    I’d be very grateful to know if, despite the fact that my blog makes me no money, you consider that I’ve setting up a ‘cottage industry’ ?

    I thank you in anticipation of your reply.


      • I hope you can see why I ask this question, especially considering that Paraic has trawled those same ‘sources’ which he now seems to be dismissively alluding to.

        Ask him if he’d like me to elaborate. (or is that broad journalistic inquiry?)

        I only direct these queries to you because you have made yourself available.

        I admire the work that you, Exaro, Tom Watson, and others are doing and I will support you as best I can.

        But you must understand that it is impossible for myself, and those I consider friends, to let veiled insults pass without response.

        Ultimately, we are all on the same side. The side of truth and the sooner all those seeking truth recognise that they occupy different positions within the modern media ‘eco-system’ and learn to work with those pursuing the same end, the better.

        Kind regards and best wishes,



  2. Arrest and Bail. The usual tactic to flush out corroborative witnesses. They’d have more success picking on a couple of doddery celebs. Back in 1982 it was to be expected that gay men in rooms would still scandalise the nation. It’s a bit sad that thirty years later, little seems to have changed in some quarters.

    The “Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality” back then was simply campaigning for the male age of consent to be lowered to 16. I donlt suppose they ever dreamed of marrying one another.


  3. Where are the government going to put all these thousands of child rapists , another ten new prison buildings will have to be built, I don’t think so, this is the reason it will most properly be hushed up.


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