Child abuse investigation propels site to over 200,000 hits in 3 years

Just a service note to say the number of hits on this website has exceeded 200,000 since it was launched just over three years ago.

The recent momentum has been propelled by the investigation into child abuse at the Elm Guest House in Richmond,London where a team of reporters based at Exaro News ( have been starting to unravel this enormous historic scandal. Most of the stories into the child abuse have attracted between 1500 and 3000 hits. The only higher ones include some of the investigations into the privatisation of the London fire brigade, Brian Coleman, the demise of NHS Direct, and the very disturbing report into strip searching of women and bad treatment of gays at Gatwick Airport.

Thanks to all the people reading this non-profit making site and for supporting genuine investigative journalism.

6 thoughts on “Child abuse investigation propels site to over 200,000 hits in 3 years

  1. I am glad to see that the tradition of investigative journalism is kept alive when traditional media appear to have given it up.

    I am amazed you have had so few hits!


  2. To my mind this is one of the most reliable blogs on the web and the #1 blog concerning anything to do with Op Fernbridge.

    Information you can take to the bank!

    I’d suggest that if things go as they should then you’ll be getting 200,000 hits per month, at least, pretty soon.


    • gojam, chris hale, very kind of you both. I think it just takes time to build up a readership with so much stuff out there. Originally I started the blog just to combine the work I was doing for different media in one place. I also realised it was a great medium to pursue issues or stories properly. Then I realised it showed how little real news was being covered or investigated properly. Even now it is only scratching the surface – but at least on some of the issues it is getting somewhere.


      • BTW, I never congratulated you on your Paul Foot award nomination, It’s all subjective at the end of the day and I think it’s a great honour to be nominated. Did you know him ?

        I’m sure quite a few people have recently come across this story by Paul Foot recently, though I’m loathed to say why that might be –

        I’m personally gutted that I can never use that headline in the future with a conscious clear of plagiarism !


  3. This morning a former friend told me in no uncertain terms he had been told by the Police not to talk to me. My offence?, helping the Fernbridge investigation. So as of now all agreements and promises are off. What that means is I and another are giving all files/papers(some I held back – not the owns to the three ministers) and all tapes to TV journalists and David Hencke. The robotic answer given by my former friend, who just a few weeks ago was welcoming my approach like a long lost brother, was ‘I have been told not to speak to you’ he then slammed down his phone.


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