Police abandon investigation into child sex abuser Sir Cyril Smith MP

 Westmonster MP: Child abuser Sir Cyril Smith  Pic Credit: dreamcatchersfor abusedchildren.com

Westmonster MP: Child abuser Sir Cyril Smith
Pic Credit: dreamcatchersfor abusedchildren.com

A report by my colleague Nick Fielding for Exaro News ( see http://www.exaronews.com/articles/4961/police-abandon-probe-into-cyril-smith-s-sexual-abuse-of-boys ) reveals the former MP linked to child sex abuse cases at the Elm Guest House in Richmond,London to Rochdale where he was an MP is now off the hook. Full details on the site.

This is despite offers from the NSPCC  charity to provide a dedicated line for victims and growing evidence that Sir Cyril’s illegal activities involving young boys appear  to be on a similar scale to  the late  Jimmy Savile’s abuse of young girls which  are being vigorously pursued by the Met Police ‘s Operation Yewtree.

Greater Manchester police’s decision will add to the considerable disquiet on the internet that there could be yet another Establishment cover up over child sexual abuse cases when it comes to senior politicians. It will probably also calm the nerves of at least three Liberal Democrat peers who started their political careers in the London borough of Richmond in the aftermath of the Elm Guest House scandal which they conveniently would like to forget.

Public trust that the police will properly investigate these  historic scandals is paramount. Great Manchester Police have done people a grave disservice by letting off the hook someone whom they now acknowledge would have been prosecuted for a string of offences. It has been shown by the reactions of dismay, anger and suspicion to this post on Twitter.

22 thoughts on “Police abandon investigation into child sex abuser Sir Cyril Smith MP

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  2. Pingback: Police abandon investigation into child sex abuser Sir Cyril Smith MP » Alternative News Network

  3. I have said it before: at what point do people like exaro decide the police work is just deck chair shuffling and then what happens?

    Give up and accept that the ruling class can abuse or kids or start just releasing the evidence to the public?


    • I would like to hope that there is a growing army of Whistle Blowers out there who are preparing to do just that. If nothing else – for the sake of his victims – there should be a report published to show that he was guilty, rather than just ‘abandoning’ the inquiry. What right have GMP got to do this ? Up until now they appeared to be one of the more diligent forces – obviously not !


      • steven smith, joy, PIE docs to Home Office , and ‘chess’ replies. Steven Smith worked as heating engineer at Home Office, he used their letterheaded paper to arrange meetings, his bosses knew he was a PIE member, they sacked him much later when NOTW exposed him. In 1975 PIE produced two docs with similar name..except one was meant for Home Office Criminal Law Revision Committee it was called ‘evidence on the law relating to and penalties for certain sexual offences involving children” So a PIE member known by his bosses at Home Office as a member, of which that same organisation produces a document meant for Home Office which is about criminal law offences involving children…think that lot through..
        i’ve posted on spotlight page about this if you look..
        steven smith after being sacked at HO takes off and moves to holland…a US commitee complains of the vast amount of child porn coming from holland around then.
        smith is followed by british press but are frustrated by laws in holland..


  4. david did you get my emails to you re: PIE docs and CGHE..and what do you think of webster book about North Wales trying to discredit victims calling it a witch hunt..


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  6. Of course it looks like the police were and probably still are actively involved as well, allegedly. So who are the paedo’s in the police?


  7. do you really think a lot of MPs past and present are going to be brought to book lol even the ex copper that is supposed to have outed savile ( think David did it in the 90s lol) is to busy chasing his Bafta now a days. its to easy to arrest old celebs than to do any real police work


  8. The author Jyri Lina in his book ‘Architects of deception’ says that in the United Kingdom ALL police officers who are higher than the very lowest ranks have to join a freemasonry lodge, where they have to promise 100% total obedience to the higher degree members. Freemasonry is one of the weapons of the BIG money against the ordinary people (=everyone else). You cannot expect that a very high officer in the Police in the UK can do or say what he wants. He’s being controlled by reward, or blackmail, or both.


  9. David you mentioned the calming effect on Lib-Dems in eL BRuTy – seems nobody has heard what happend on Monday…tick-tock…


  10. At my school, Underley Hall, one punishment was dressing kids in towels, for outdoor and indoor no matter what season or weather, and rationed food as a punishment too when prisons arent even allowed to do that, late 80s but would have continued for close to a decade. And they covered up sex crimes too, and serious assaults, and child kidnapping of sorts also occurred.


    • On my last visit to kirkby longsdale i chatted to a barmaid who told me they all knew in kirkby longsdale the goings on at “that place”
      i guess the cleaners and cooking staff talked

      Underley 1976 – 1983
      Underley has to be one of the biggest coverups in the uk, forget wales homes

      MAYER has still not been sent to prison for what he did to us kids
      his beatings, stripping to PE kit in winter, his mental abuse, and more
      looking back all the staff knew what john was doing
      but it wasn’t just him, what about the others
      the use to remove the shower curtain and watch shower

      when a boy called the authorities to ask for help he was made to apologise to them, then got a good kicking in the dining room by jw js em, so hard his glasses were smashed in his face.
      the next day other staff ridiculed him. the system knew what was going on from 1976 – 2013 it never stopped. and the joke is this page….

      5 mins on the news, then nothing

      don’t ever think this was just a few years, it was 1976 – 2013

      they took my childhood from me and damaged my life, for what, all that happened was the system made money from me. all we were were cash cows to them

      not one kid i knew wanted to be there, they wanted to go home, to be with their family
      when i left, i never looked back, i was free. but with age you get angry because you remember more and know its still going on shame uk column never talks about it!


  11. JJ and Magnus – could you email me? It would be really good to talk to you. I’m trying to collate together a series of testimonials (not sure as for what yet – maybe just share round survivors) about Underley. Please email me to say hello, even just that simply, on jen.ariel.izaakson@gmail.com – thank you


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