The Unsavoury Boom in Child Grooming revealed by Oxford gang

I have updated my blog on the scale of child grooming in the light of the Oxford trial verdicts yesterday – and revelations today on the failure of authorities to believe or support victims – and even allegedly lie about supporting them.

Westminster Confidential

The huge scale of the activities of the Oxford paedophile ring revealed yesterday when seven men were convicted of 43 charges of rape, child prostitution and trafficking is but the tip of the iceberg.

Extraordinary figures revealed earlier that police forces across England and Wales are engaged in more than 30 separate investigations into suspected child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The most damning thing is the failure of social services and the police to get a grip on the situation despite being warned and some of the victims going to the police for help.

A damning article  in today’s Guardian ( based on an interview with one of the victims reveals yet again the failure of authorities  to support them. Indeed it is worse. From her interview it appears that Oxfordshire  county council MADE UP they were giving her ” wrap around support.” to her and her family…

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5 thoughts on “The Unsavoury Boom in Child Grooming revealed by Oxford gang

  1. Endemic abuse & failure of children in the UK today & the media feed us gangs & celebrities but no public servants because they are allowed to abuse & kill children with impunity. Cameron has been challenged & implicated’ as well as many other public servants going back decades. Nobody can control what is known.
    The only hope Keir Starmer has left’ is if he quickly has Gordon Brown arrested for being a pedophile.


    • david, I agree there is too much emphasis on celebs in the national media. However the stuff we are doing on the historic paedophile scandal in Richmond has so far seen us concentrating on social services (with the arrest of a former care home manager) and will continue to pursue this story -regardless of whether it ends up with a senior politician being arrested.


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  3. When a local consevative politician denies he knew nothing despite meetings and mail detailing child abuse, it makes you wonder. at least vote for Tom & Steve.


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