Work Programme providers’ plea is an insult to everyone they have mishandled

This is not good news for the BBC, the work programme or the government. If you take in context the scandal involving A4e which provided placements under first programme I did an extra investigation on top of the work done by the Public Accounts Committee exposing failings in A4e internal audit. My investigation revealed in one small town Bridlington A4 e had placed people with as firm going into liquidation, one run by people from a a house in Rotherham that never filed accounts, another with a company not registered at Companies House, and two with a cafe and taxi firm that subsequently went bust. In other places it turned out they had sent one person to a lap dancing club in Liverpool and a person with a criminal record to a firm which didn’t want to employ people with criminal records. See my own blog

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It isn’t very often one can say a news report was shocking – not because of the subject matter, but because of the way it was reported.

That was the situation tonight with the BBC’s item in which Work Programme providers complained that they need more money to “help” the most challenging jobseekers into work.

This group, of course, being benefit claimants in the work-related activity group of Employment and Support Allowance.

This group being the most consistently abused and neglected element of the new underclass created by the Conservative-led Coalition government, demonised and hated by the right-wing press, often attacked in the street (to judge from first-hand accounts), many of whom have been driven to suicide or death caused by their conditions, which have been worsened by the unacceptable (and to most people reading this, inconceivable) amount of stress the DWP, Atos (the private company assessing their fitness…

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3 thoughts on “Work Programme providers’ plea is an insult to everyone they have mishandled

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  2. Interesting that you misinterpret the words of ERSA, the trade body, in this way. We are not asking for more money, but making the point that the Work Programme alone cannot solve all society’s ills. Over a quarter of those on Employment and Support Allowance have been out of work for over 11 years. Many have complex health and skills needs. It will therefore need a great deal of collaboration between agencies to help many in this group into work. To pretend otherwise is not in the public interest.


    • I am glad it is being realised that it is not easy to get the most challenged people back to work – that’s why I think it is not the job for a profit making company because time and effort required dilutes the profit they can make out of that person for the company’s owners.


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