Tom Watson MP: SEVEN Boxes Of Evidence Recovered !

Tom Watson’s point here shows that his controversial allegation is not based on mere party political point scoring or fiction. The fact that seven boxes of evidence exist and are in the hands of Metropolitan Police speaks volumes. Tom Watson’s source had three days to study the documents and the first investigation was inexplicably closed down after four months. It is not the case now.


From the 24th October 2012, Tom Watson MP at Prime Minister’s Questions.

“The evidence file – used to convict paedophile Peter Righton – if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring. One of it’s members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former Prime minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad. The leads were not followed up, but if the files still exist, I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it, and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10″.

Did the Met recover this evidence ?

Yes they did ! Seven boxes of it, recovered from a repository in Leicestershire !

More on this later but I’d just like to take a little time to thank The Needle team member Daedalus. Daedalus works quietly behind the…

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6 thoughts on “Tom Watson MP: SEVEN Boxes Of Evidence Recovered !

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  3. Except it seems the alleged porn smuggler was not a senior aide, but possibly a relative of one.At the very least,Watson’s syntax is muddled.


  4. Lets hope the meeting @ the members lobby tomorrow 4/7am leads to an invesigation into the MPS cover-up at the Elm


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