The Murdoch Tapes: Fleet Street, Hypocrisy and the Police

Are the Met Police on Operation Elveden interested in Rupert Murdoch’s comments? This seems to be the point of this blog which is highlighting that the audio ( there is no actual tape) has re-opened the whole issue of payments to police officers and public officials By Fleet Street for stories. I have also put this up as a summary of all the latest development and links to blogs and articles for those keen to follow events.

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MurdochLast month, Private Eye reported that Sun journalists had taped a meeting with Rupert Murdoch in March 2013.   The Executive Chairman of News Corporation was quoted as taking a supportive view of the position of arrested journalists.  This story was not followed up at the time.  It broke again this week when the investigative journalism website, Exaro and Channel 4 News claimed an exclusive on the story and released a transcript of the recording.

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2 thoughts on “The Murdoch Tapes: Fleet Street, Hypocrisy and the Police

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  2. It is beginning to look like those at the bottom of the chain are about to be sacrificed for those at the top (nothing changes?) whether it be police, media or politicians. Deals done in largish bug free backrooms?

    It would appear to be an advantage to be a non resident (and powerfully wealthy) if you want to be a major influence by not entirely legal means. Tax benefits accrue too!


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