Exaro News: Pay wall scrapped – It’s all free

You can now read all my stories and many other good scoops on the Exaro website free of charge.
Just like my old employer The Guardian and unlike Rupert Murdoch’s Sun and Times there is no longer a pay wall between you and the story.
So go to the site and see and hear the full private Murdoch ” tape”; all the stories about Ed Lester, the former head of the Student Loans Company now at the Land Registry and his tax avoidance; all the stories on the Operation Fernbridge historic paedophile investigation; the government’s flawed plan to abolish the Audit Commission and embarrassing disclosures about the activities of the Serious Fraud Office.
Exaro is now funding its activities with a big expansion in data journalism -aimed at business.
Go on indulge yourself!

4 thoughts on “Exaro News: Pay wall scrapped – It’s all free

  1. Great news now I can look forward to seeing all the docs about Ministers passing the buck and Londons finest ignoring the same allegations about all the abuse in Richmond which have just given to another blog being reblogged and read for free on Exaro


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