Hating Britain with the Daily Mail: A song medley

It is a Saturday night and the row over the Daily Mail, Ed Miliband and now Mehdi Hasan continues unabated. Here is a collection of anti Daily Mail songs. Who says satire is dead in Britain.The one below is bv Peter Bickerton The Daily Mail Song (a daily dose of hate).

I have just been sent by @BBCRadioForum another song by Amanda Palmer at the Roundhouse. Dear Daily Mail. Avert your eyes Paul Dacre, Ed Miliband and perhaps Mrs Angry from Barnet, this is a bit risque and contains female nudity.

And now Steve White has added his own song based on a Daily Mail story of an Ecstasy Death Girl. You can both listen to it and download it free here.
From Beastrabban Weblog here is a Chris Cohen number on the Daily Mail in 2009.

Finally so far – for those with long memories- here is a song from Irish band Blackthorn- on the Daily Mail’s 1920s coverage about another Sinn Fein rising. Some joker suggests they reported it from Holyhead, don’t know whether it is true.

Some And for those interested in more see Mike Sivier’s Vox Political website for ” You Hate Britain” by Mitch Benn which name checks Paul Dacre. I hope Paul Dacre has a sense of humour. Tom Baldwin, Labour’s chief media spokesman, tells me that a medley of these songs will be played at next year’s Labour Party Conference before the singing of the Red ” Ed” Flag.

5 thoughts on “Hating Britain with the Daily Mail: A song medley

  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Department of Ouroboros: Reblogging an article by someone who has taken much of their material from VP in the first place must seem like a classic example of the snake eating its own tail, but David Hencke has included a reference to this place and he has found another musical attack on the Mail.
    This one, by Amanda Palmer, is hilarious – but because it IS risqué and there IS nudity, it might not be for everyone. Fortunately you have to click the ‘play’ button before you see or hear anything that might offend, which is why I feel safe including it here. There is a censorship debate going on elsewhere on the site so I don’t want to stir up the ‘pros’ the way I’ve stirred up at least one ‘anti’.


    • Is it risque? Perhaps Mr Hencke could explain the jokes? I didn’t understand any of the allusions, but then I try not to read the Daily Mail, except online, when no one’s looking. Anyway, the woman does keep her gloves on, which is a becoming sign of modesty in a woman, and bound to meet with approval from Mr Dacre.

      And it’s an interesting way of demonstrating that you’re not a natural redhead, isn’t it?


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