Exclusive on Exaro: New police leads in ex cabinet minister paedophile investigation

The Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge is following new leads in their investigation into sexual abuse allegations involving a former Tory Cabinet minister.
The investigation is now looking at new allegations involving links to gay brothels in Amsterdam and a now closed residential school with some special needs children in the North of England near Bradford. It is also looking at allegations from a boy in care in London who was taken out of town to a house where he was sexually abused by the same minster.
The full story by me and Mark Conrad is now on the free to view Exaro News website .
The disclosure should quell unfounded rumours that Operation Fernbridge is being run down and closed.
The main reason for this fear is that a line of investigation involving the ex Cabinet minister has hit a problem. A complaint dating from the 1960s by a young woman alleging rape by the ex-minister is not being pursued after the Crown Prosecution Service advised that the guidelines and law at the time could not justify the charge.
This just illustrates how difficult it is for the Met Police to pursue and get convictions in historic child abuse cases despite people thinking the police are not doing their job. However the disclosure that more leads are being followed up suggests the inquiry is very much alive.
Operation Fernbridge has already led to two people facing trial on multiple charges involving indecent images and sexual abuse.

7 thoughts on “Exclusive on Exaro: New police leads in ex cabinet minister paedophile investigation

  1. There are multiple allegations against the ex Conservative Minister in question, I can’t understand why he hasn’t as yet been questioned under caution or arrested. How much evidence do the police require in this case, given that they were quick enough to arrest and charge Max Clifford for a number of offenses, some of which go back to the 1960’s, pretty sharpish.


    • Maybe because the government have a ‘little black book’ of what MP’s get up to, but would rather ‘cover up’ for these monsters, than give their traumatised little victims justice.


  2. Given the latest ‘plebgate’ news with the fuzz being found ‘wanting’ (allegedly) this could be turning into a tit-for-tat exercise…and NOT before time, the establishment gets a taste of its own medicine…!….


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