Edmondson removed from Current Hacking Trial

this from the excellent @peterjukes means the News of the World’s news editor will not be tried in this case. But significantly the judge has not adjourned the trial, just decided that Mr Edmondson will be tried by a different jury in the future.

The Criminal Media Nexus

This is the statement Justice Saunders made in court on Thursday Afternoon:

SAUNDERS – Can I talk for a moment about Mr Ian Edmondson….
I have received and read a number of medical reports about the fitness of Mr Edmondson to continue to participate in the current trial. The consensus of opinion of doctors instructed both by the Defendant and the Prosecution is that he is currently unfit. It is not anticipated that it will be long before he is fit to continue but it will be several weeks and there can be no guarantee that at the end of that period of time he will be fit. Bearing in mind the current estimate of the length of this trial, I do not think it is appropriate to adjourn to wait for his recovery and accordingly I shall discharge you from giving a verdict in his case. He will be…

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