Parliament: Computer says No (again!)

Just when Parliament’s IT boss had promised that their new computer system was up and running again and ready to expand, guess what happens.

 It takes just 90 minutes for another crash with a hasty call  to IT experts to convene to sort out why so many MPs and peers offices still can’t access the internet.

 Full details of the story are on the Exaro News website and in Computer Weekly .They come from the latest leaks from inside Parliament – one general memo to all staff telling them everything is working well  and another to the IT team saying everything has started to go wrong.

At this rate it looks as though Parliament with its thousands of internal subscribers  is going to join other institutions in Whitehall and the NHS with a system plagued with problems.


4 thoughts on “Parliament: Computer says No (again!)

  1. It is always the case with government IT systems, it goes something like this:-

    1, Put out contract to tender
    2, Choose most expensive option from unknown company
    3, agree to budget and date for implementation
    4, Agree to extension of date for implementation
    5, Agree to increase in charges from IT company
    6, Attempt to roll out system
    7, Discover that the system does not work
    8, return to point 1 and scrap all current equipment


    • I disagree with point 2. The reasons for failure are that they put it out to tender with all the usual suspects, who were more expensive because they have to make donations to the Tory party coffers. The whole of the consultancy sector relies on being able to get the foot in the door, and once in, will suddenly discover that it needs lots & lots & lots more of their “services”. Private jets, flying decision makers out to private golf courses and resorts in the US and elsewhere also help cushion the blow when they need to write ever growing cheques for utter failure.


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