UK Press Gazette recognises 50 journos as top Tweeters and social media reporters

This week – a bit to my surprise – I found myself given an accolade by Press Gazette as one of the 50 top reporters on social media. Given I use to tweets to promote stories on this blog and on Exaro News I was quite chuffed to say the least.
But I was even more pleased that the winner was Peter Jukes who rightly deserved his award for his marathon tweeting of the hacking trial – now over 300,000 tweets- and his persistence and innovation in raising cash to do this through crowd sourcing.
This seems to me an excellent use of Twitter and social media to provide bite sized reporting from the courts of a controversial trial as it happens. It is even more remarkable given the dangers of contempt and the difficulties of producing fast, accurate copy under pressure. So hats off to him!
As for the rest I was in good company with two top awards going to Channel Four News- Alex Thomson and Faisal Islam, one to Lucy Manning at ITN News and one to the hyperactive Paul Waugh, the editor of Politics Home.
It was good to see the spread of the awards – which covered virtually the entire political team at The Sun, to Paul Lewis of the Guardian as well as a bevy of sports reporters from the Guardian to the Northern Echo and Daily Telegraph. and a very interesting runner-up Alexandra Rucki from the London Evening Standard.
Well done Press Gazette for an interesting innovation – the new media is definitely the way forward.

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