Time for the NHS to come clean on its tax avoiding bosses


An amazing piece of evidence revealing that they were up to 2,400 off pay roll people in the NHS was slipped into an inquiry by the House of Lords by the Department of Health last week.

The findings published today in a report by Exaro News reveals that as many NHS staff as Whitehall staff were avoiding paying tax and national insurance at source – bringing the total in government to nearly 5000 in 2012.

Now no doubt some people on short-term contracts can justify this but what is becoming increasingly clear from the evidence submitted by the Department of Health ( see page 91 onwards) that many do not.

The worst offenders appear to be high earners at the top of NHS Foundation Trusts – where over a third -51 out of 147 – had someone at the top avoiding paying tax and national insurance at source. Someone was even off pay roll and claiming a full pension from the taxpayer as well!

 Monitor,the regulatory authority for NHS Foundation Trusts, is currently conducting an inquiry into exactly who is benefiting – and as a result numbers are shrinking.

 But we don’t know yet whether Monitor is going to name and shame the trusts and the people taking advantage of this tax loophole. Well if the organisation  has got any teeth it should be like the National Audit Office  and publish a full and detailed report. Avoiding tax while working for the cash strapped NHS is particularly nasty and greedy and should be stamped out. Let’s see if Monitor is going to do its job.

5 thoughts on “Time for the NHS to come clean on its tax avoiding bosses

  1. That’s what you get when Tories and crooked politicians start the sell off of our NHS. In it together it shows if it wasn’t for 99 percent who ain’t rich paying their way but when it comes to us we outcast idiots. Yet another Tory ploy shown that greed is the way jeff3


  2. There have always been too many cooks in the NHS – to get it back to reality we need to sack most of the top and middle management. They didn’t need this amount of “management and personal” staff years ago and most hospitals ran to budget, so why do we need them now when most are running at a loss which thereby makes them weak, so off they will go to the private sector (who will charge more than the losses?).
    Matrons used to run the hospital, the nurses, the wages, the doctors, everything – and you dare not cross them – if you did, you were out.
    Perhaps that’s what we need again, but as well as hospitals, stick them in government as well – those who continue to lie to parliament will be out on their ears, no mistake!


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