Rape allegation: Why are the Met not following their own guidelines in Operation Fernbridge?

The latest disclosure revealed in  Exaro’s investigation into the rape of a young woman by a man who went on to become a Tory Cabinet minister raises even more disturbing questions.

It is now accepted as part of normal police procedures that if a person accuses another person of rape, the allegations are put to the alleged perpetrator.

 It is becoming increasingly clear according to the account from the victim ” Jane” that the police have told her that they have not done it in this case.

She told Exaro :“I could not understand why,” she said. “There were only two people present during the incident. But they refused to question the man who I identified.” She believes that this breaches guidance entitled, ‘Investigating and Prosecuting Rape,’ and compiled by the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA).

This is one of the key points in the letter of complaint sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions  by Labour MP Tom Watson on the need for a review of the case.

 To me it seems this amounts to  double standards. Under Operation Yewtree into the Savile investigations celebs and entertainers are told about the allegations and in many cases charged.

Under Operation Fernbridge politicians are not told about the allegations and so far no one is charged.

This can only add to the public anxiety that Establishment figures with power are above the law and play into the agenda that politicians can often get away with anything.


5 thoughts on “Rape allegation: Why are the Met not following their own guidelines in Operation Fernbridge?

  1. Police “Guidelines” – be they issued by NPIA, ACPO, the Met or anyone else are almost totally worthless and seem to be designed to be read by those who weren’t paying attention at Training School (or do they call it ‘Police College’ now?) during the relevant lecture. The guidelines for investigation of ‘harassment’ are a case in point. These ‘guidelines’ didn’t stop Sussex Police from banning an MP from mentioning a certain subject in Parliament recently after a complaint from a citizen. Even some cross benchers in the Lords have become aware of this ridiculous situation and not just as a result of the case mentioned. The then Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge spoke in Cape Town last year of equality before the law. It’s a speech worth reading because it’s premise is regularly and resolutely ignored in Courts in Britain every day of every week of every year.


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