CPS on “A Culture of Invading Privacy” – and the Real Police Costs

Despite the hype this is the REAL cost of the trial. Note the astonishing figure that 5500 people are thought to have been hacked by the News of the World. What a disgrace to journalism if this figure is indeed accurate. I note that 3500 people have been informed that they were hacked.

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In response to the advance media storm last night (before the trial had closed) the CPS have released the following statement

“This case was not about whether phone hacking took place or whether public officials were paid for information; there are a significant number of recent convictions which show that both did happen.

“This has been a lengthy and complex trial which was required to explore a culture of invading privacy. Despite a number of applications by the defence to have the case thrown out the Judge agreed that the evidence was sufficient for consideration by the jury.

“The jury has found that Andy Coulson, former editor of a national newspaper, conspired with others to hack phones. Others who have admitted their role in this illegal practice – Greg Miskiw, Neville Thurlbeck, James Weatherup, Glenn Mulcaire and Dan Evans – all now face sentencing…

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2 thoughts on “CPS on “A Culture of Invading Privacy” – and the Real Police Costs

  1. Dan Evans gave evidence to the Coulson trial in February. He told the jury “there was a lot more material about hacking relating to the Sunday Mirror that they had not been told about”. The left wing media have been strangely silent about this. Why no investigation from The Guardian into hacking at Mirror Group Newspapers I wonder?


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