Elm Guest House : Crown Prosecution Service handling leads to MP’s complaint

A second MP, Simon Danczuk,,has complained to the Director of Public Prosecutions over the handling of  Met’s Operation Fernbridge investigation into Elm Guest House.

This time the complaint is against the Crown Prosecution Service who have told a victim who says he was sexually abused there he is the only case where this has happened.

The official reply from the CPS is patently untrue since the Met Police themselves have admitted to Channel Four’s Dispatches that Sir Cyril Smith visited the house and was involved with rent boys there. And the person who says he was assaulted there was not involved with Cyril Smith.

The full story by my colleague Mark Conrad is on the Exaro website. It comes after Tom Watson complained to the DPP about the way the Met Police handled a rape claim from a woman against a former Tory minister which was also investigated by Fernbridge.

All this suggest that part of the  Fernbridge investigation is not going well. And it strengthens the case for an overarching inquiry into historic child sex abuse investigations now demanded by 135 MPs of all parties.

7 thoughts on “Elm Guest House : Crown Prosecution Service handling leads to MP’s complaint

  1. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    The 135 MPs from all sides of the House are doing a brilliant job in demanding answers that have been hidden for too long, while too many lives have been destroyed. I can remember the 1970s, when the Met had a certain reputation for corruption, brutality and wrongful arrest. Then there was the Stephen Lawrence case. And now this. There needs to be a proper investigation immediately, with no fear or favour to the vile predators involved.


  2. and what is the evidence about the ‘rent boys’ who could easily be legal aged or much older as it’s misleading term ?. What evidence have you of who they were and what their ages were.?. Whilst if there one claimant who alleges abuse of course it should be investigated but you need to elaborate.


    • Eric

      Elm Guest House is a difficult area to investigate for two reasons – one part in the 1980s was a gay hotel involving consenting adults – just like the many today.The other part involved the sexual abuse of children and also rent boys who would have been under age because of the law at the time but not now.
      The person involved was a child in care at the time the second is is a rent boy.
      However there also other children who have told us of being sexually abused there – who are not even in touch with each other which we are currently investigating but the police appear not to have followed up so the CPS would not have been told. As an ex investigator yourself I am sure you will realise I am not going to go public until I am satisfied the story stands up but it is clear that there are more alleged cases of abuse at that guest house


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