Naked Promo: My talk on Blair Inc at Waterstones in Berkhamsted

Blair INCIf you want to find out the story behind  my new book Blair Inc which I co-authored with Francis Beckett and Nick Kochan you can come along to my local branch of Waterstones next Thursday ( April 23) at 7.0pm.

For a modest fee of £3 – which can be claimed back as a discount against a copy – I will attempt to explain how we went about gathering information about the former Prime Minister after he left office in 2007 to the present day.

The book is unusual in that it concentrates entirely on Blair after he left government. It attempts to show how he and his family  became rich and the complex structure he and Cherie set up to hide where the money comes from.

It also includes a critical look at his role as Middle East economic envoy – a job which he may well have to give up according to recent press reports – as little progress has been made.

There is also some interesting findings about  how Blair and Peter Mandelson, once his closest friend, have gone their separate ways to make money through advising foreign entrepreneurs, governments , oligarchs and dictators.

This will be your chance to ask any questions you may have – whether you are an ardent Blairite or believe Blair destroyed his reputation over the war in Iraq.. Some come along – it’s a good time to debate his role in the middle of a general election campaign and a change from all those hustings.

2 thoughts on “Naked Promo: My talk on Blair Inc at Waterstones in Berkhamsted

  1. Hum blair a traitor to his own people a cuckoo in the labour party this man changes religeon just so that he mixed with the right people how much does one want greedie people want it all but I still ask the question nobody’s asking atos top dog gets 2.2million in pay were does the rest go has blair got his fingers in this pie also its a great pity that traitors gate was blocked up jeff3


  2. One of the most interesting things about Blair is the amount of money he may have “acquired” _whilst_ *Prime Minister* (I am aware it is difficult to discuss such matters publicly – for now). It could be unprecedented for a modern PM. Regardless of that the sheer avarice of the two (Booth cannot be separated from Blair, as you know) is also unprecedented for a UK politician (who may, or may not be, “retired”) and spouse.

    The public reaction to your book will be interesting.


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