Have a laugh and watch tonight Rory Bremner and the mandarins

rory bremnerDepressed or elated about the election result? Have a few laughs tonight and watch Rory Bremner’s election special about  who was holding the real power in Britain while the country was going to the polls.

I have been working as a consultant to the one off programme  which will explore the growing power of private companies running Whitehall and the role of mandarins. I know he has talked “off the record” to some pretty well placed political and Whitehall sources. You might be surprised to find out who is running the country and where we are selling our Whitehall wares. The programme is produced by the Vera – the company that has twice exposed MPs in lobbying stings – the latest being Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Jack straw.

Plus of course the inimitable impressions and the usual stuff from this comedian. It’s on BBC 2 at 10.0pm. It’s called Rory Bremner’s Election Report.

5 thoughts on “Have a laugh and watch tonight Rory Bremner and the mandarins

  1. I liked the two John’s on his previous shows. The one about railway privatisation was hilarious
    But where did they get the name George Parr?

    The ” spokesman ” for all stupidity


    • By the way. Am looking into a ” paedophile self help group” that tries to get paedos to not offend
      However from initial inspection all I am seeing is something that resembles a paedo apologist organisation similar to B4UACT. Which was set up by convicted paedophiles


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