My radio Interview on the Bunker Programme: Reporting child sex abuse, Westminster and Blair Inc

Last week had a live 55 minute interview with Fabrice Bardsley on The Bunker Programme – a programme put out in the UK and the US by an alternative radio station, Dark City Radio.

Above is a  video of my interview which ranged from how I started investigating Westminster for The Guardian to my more recent investigations into child sex abuse on Exaro News and this blog. There is also a shameless plug for my new book, Blair Inc, written jointly with Nick Kochan and Francis Beckett.

The topics covered ranged from how the Westminster paedophile scandal started to,my views on the overarching Goddard inquiry into child sex abuse. I am also asked about how important the police operation, Operation Midland is investigating the allegations  and my views about the new survivor group Reflections, which is trying to give survivors a real say in the direction of events. I also point out how the whole climate of opinion has changed towards child sex allegations, citing the Esther Baker case, currently being investigated by Staffordshire Police.

If you are interested and can stand 55 minutes of me you can listen by clicking on the picture above.

6 thoughts on “My radio Interview on the Bunker Programme: Reporting child sex abuse, Westminster and Blair Inc

  1. Well, I’m profoundly disappointed Mr Hencke. You’ve stated in this interview that the origin of your investigations in Elm Guest House and subsequently VIP pedophile rings, was someone bringing you a copy of what could only be Jilly Cooper’s book and claiming that it contained information allegedly corroborating rumors about VIP child abuse at the guest house.

    So, I’ve gone over & over those passages in Cooper’s book. The idea that they corroborate anything at all is sheer nonsense! Cooper herself describes the encounters she relates as excercises in neighborhood GOSSIP, David. She quotes a Mrs Tomkin, who stated: “…the owner was using his own son, and he’s only 13!” Every other source for information about the raid in ’82 claims that the child in question was 10 years old. So, this is your informed neighborhood source, one of the locals whom you claim to be the best sources of info about what was really going on at Elm Guest House? An old lady who thinks the alleged victimized boy is FIVE YEARS older than he really was? She can’t tell the difference between a primary school boy and a teenager? This is your source? And where, anywhere, is there to be found corroboration about “vicars and politicians caught in flagrante running out of the brothel into the night in their underwear” – ? There’s nothing about this in the police accounts, nothing about this in the news reports of the day – not even in the sleazier papers that would have delighted in recounting such a report from the locals. If your source couldn’t tell the difference between a little boy and a teenager, why would you assume that she could correctly identify anyone as a vicar or a politician rather than a plumber or a typesetter, running around IN THE DARK? Or that she could tell the difference between a person “in their underwear” or a person wearing trendy sports trunks in the heat of a June night? This is a bad joke, Mr Hencke, if not a farce. Please explain yourself.


    • I hope you enjoyed reading Jilly Cooper’s book. I have never read it myself and I don’t think my source has either.
      No the sources that first identified Elm Guest House were real people and led the police to re-open an old investigation.
      As a result there was a trial at Southwark Crown Court that saw the conviction of a Roman Catholic priest and it is very likely, if he hadn’t died. the conviction of a paedophile manager of Grafton Close children’s home ( it came out in court he had previous convictions). It made the police realise that they had assigned a paedophile to look after children when the guest house was raided in the 1980s. From the trial it looked like they would have had a very lucky escape as not surprisingly he had made sure none were to be found.
      I deal in fact not fiction.


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