Why Labour’s patronising grandees have driven people to vote for Stormin’ Corbyn

Labolur's three grandees- Mandelson, Blair and Campbell  Pic Credit: wherebuttheuk.com

Labolur’s three grandees- Mandelson, Blair and Campbell
Pic Credit: wherebuttheuk.com


Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson,Gordon Brown, David Miliband, Tony Blair and now David Blunkett have all joined in bashing Jeremy Corbyn because he is the front runner in Labour’s leadership election and they are desperate to stop him.

Anyone but Corbyn is Campbell’s cry. Peter Mandelson has been up to his old tricks using back channels to try and get the election cancelled. The only person who has been wise enough to keep quiet is Ed Miliband who is leaving it to the members.

Yet what are these grandee’s credentials today for saying that Corbyn is unfit to lead Labour while the others would be fine.

Alastair Campbell’s reputation for plain dealing took a hit over the Iraq ” dodgy dossier” and is now a freelance journalist, a lobbyist and earns some of his money from dodgy Central European dictatorships like Kazakhstan.

Peter Mandelson has enjoyed a reputation for the ” dark arts” of politics and now is a strategic lobbyist with strong connections to Russian oligarchs who sympathise with Putin. We don’t even know the rest of his client list.

Gordon Brown is nowadays concentrating on education in Africa and stood down at the last election.

David Miliband is living in the United States doing good work in trying to provide humanitarian relief  to Syria.

Tony Blair is concentrating his entire life in making money from any country that will pay him large sums of cash – it is described in detail in  Blair Inc, my new book with Francis Beckett and Nick Kochan.

David Blunkett  along with Gordon Brown appears to have been the least avaricious but spends a lot of his time as an after dinner speaker.

None of them can say they are really in touch with the present mood of  Labour Party members, and some of them, notably Blair and Mandelson, have more in common with the wealthy global elite than a traditional Labour Party supporter.

And Labour Party activists long treated as foot soldiers and not given their head over policy formation by these grandees are revolting.  Ever since Blair reduced their power at party conferences they have had a diminishing say along with the unions.

The main charges from the grandees is that Corbyn will be hated by the  press and that he could never win an election.

Jeremy Corbyn Mp, not a grandee

Jeremy Corbyn Mp, not a grandee

But whoever leads the Labour Party will be monstered by the right wing press. Expect a simple nasty sexist campaign against Yvette Cooper saying ” vote Cooper get Balls” implying that the Ed Balls – just because he is married to her – will be inside Downing Street directing matters.

If it is Andy Burnham it will be that he is in the hands of the unions. If it Liz Kendall it will all be about inexperience etc

So people have remained unimpressed that by NOT voting for Corbyn they will escape the media’s wrath.

The election itself is five years away and Labour has a long time to redefine policy. Also with Corbyn’s promise of elections to the Shadow Cabinet –  Labour will be more diverse than just one faction.

What is quite clear that people want someone who will stand up for the party and launch a distinctive programme. They will not want a pale shadow of the present Conservative government- they can get a proper version already.

Yvette Cooper’s campaign has been disappointing. Instead of promoting women it has attacked men. Andy Burnham’s started well but seems to have gone all over the place. And Liz Kendall has not made the impact one might have expected.

This left Corbyn who no one expected to take off – striding into the lead. There seems to be a hunger out of there for a radical shift of direction. On September 12 we will know whether it has happened.

12 thoughts on “Why Labour’s patronising grandees have driven people to vote for Stormin’ Corbyn

  1. Great David will file to quote – BUT Blunkett VERY avaricious – see his entry in register of interests. He’s deep into the corporate world and once threatened my webmaster with legal action because I had written about this.


  2. Would you believe that Jack Straw, supposedly suspended, is still being allowed to vote in the labour leadership despite having offered himself for sale and thus bringing the party into disrepute. How do i know? because his former PA replied thus on 13 August 2015 “Mr Straw voluntarily withdrew from the PLP pending the Commissioner’s inquiry. He has at all times remained a member of the Labour Party itself – as he have (sic) been since 1960 Kind regards Annette Murphy Former P.A. to Jack Straw”


    • How interesting. the same Jack straw who is also been appointed by the new government to review and restrict the freedom of information act so we can learn even less about government decisions


      • The man who boasted with his autobiography title that he was “The Last Man Standing”. The recent sting has clearly not felled him. It probably delayed his peerage, but the other sinecures still flow as with the FOI job. But, honestly, with decent guys being barred from voting, is the fact that the party machine will allow his vote not worth some MSM comment? Who could be persuaded to write it up?


  3. White I agree with Corbyn’s policies I am voting for Yvette Cooper and Angela Eagle if I get a voting papers Has anyone received them or is the Party being selective?. Corbyn will only be stopped by foul means in the same way the majority of those voting will want to exit from Europe after seeing what German and London city bankers have done to the Greek people whatever Cameron pretends he has negotiated. The Greek Prime Minister has found out what happens when you try and represent the views of the majority and not just the already rich and powerful. The exception may well be the SNP in Scotland. The Labour party as with all parties had always had been on the make rising to power. The Tyneside Fabians once invited Roy Jenkins but could meet his requests for expensive hospitality. Instead Robin Cook stepped in for just the basics


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  5. Perhaps UN observers ought to be drafted in to check the votes. How on earth will anyone believe that the result [whateever it is], is true and honest?

    I believe that if Corbyn loses, there is every chance we will witness the demise of the Labour party. Permanently. There will be no opposition at all, unless, by some major fluke, the SNP open a UK-wide party. Now that would be interesting!


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