Why treacherous Michael Gove can’t be trusted with your money at Number Ten

Michael Gove

Michael Gove Pic Credit: Channel Four


The extraordinary treacherous act by Michael Gove in ditching Cameron and then dumping Boris Johnson  to try to be Prime Minister has obscured another damning trait in this discredited Tory star.

While the sound and  fury surrounding the Referendum campaign dominated the headlines Whitehall quietly produced a damning finding which questions the competence of Michael Gove to stand for  high office anywhere.

Before he moved to the Ministry of Justice, where he undid some of the nasty work of Chris Grayling, Gove was secretary of state for  education.

In the run up to the  Campaign Whitehall belatedly published the Whole Government Accounts – an international accounting standard record of every pound spent of taxpayer’s money and the value of the assets held by the British government.

This report was late because of the failure of one Cabinet minister – Michael Gove – to be able to  account for a staggering £33 billion -yes billion- of public money and assets while he was in office. That’s equivalent to half the education budget or THREE years of our contributions to the European Union.

As the findings by the National Audit Office says in Whitehall officialese:

“The 2014-15 Department for Education (DfE) accounts were qualified on the basis of incomplete and inaccurate valuation of academies’ land and buildings assets.

“ In 2014-15, the number of academies continued to increase from 3,905 to 4,580, but the DfE has not addressed the difficulty in maintaining oversight over them. As a result the scope of this issue has grown to £33 billion during the year and is likely to continue to be a source of continued qualification within the Whole Government accounts (WGA ) until there are changes in the oversight and accountability regime for academies. “

The findings means the department has no accurate record of the billions of pounds of school buildings and property they have handed over to private academies and free schools in the rush to create so many academies. The man who rushed through this in such a cavalier fashion was Michael Gove.

Whoever is the next Prime Minister is going to have a head for figures to negotiate one of the most complex series of deals to disentangle ourselves from the EU and be responsible for signing off tens of billions of pounds of complex trade deals across the world.

If Michael Gove gets to  Number Ten job it would be like handing over the running of the country to a reckless  irresponsible teenager who ran up huge debts on his parent’s credit card  but couldn’t properly account for what he had done.

Gove obviously has no responsibility, interest or understanding of how to control our money. He is entitled to his ideological commitment to creating academies but in his enthusiasm for this controversial policy he is leaving a trail of muddle and mess in his wake. In my view this makes him totally unsuitable to hold this top job. This of all times is no place for incompetents.

6 thoughts on “Why treacherous Michael Gove can’t be trusted with your money at Number Ten

  1. From over 50 years of engagement with politicians I continue to hold the view that with a few notable exceptions a politician is only as good as the public servants who work to them. Gove now has Richard Heaton as his permanent Secretary and who was Permanent Secratary Cabinet Office for the Coalition.. Politicians should be judge on what they do and its ourtcome and not on just what they say. I thought May’s speech was very good but Gove’s what great and if he gets rhe leadership and get the same messages across his Party will win the next General election by a landslide even if the PLP had decided not toself destruct. My reason is that if youi not just read what Gove said but how he said it this was a more polished by experience Corbyn, His message will resonate with people just as Corbyn continues to do. I hoped the next General election would be between May and one of the female candidiates before Jeremy put his hat in rthe ring. Now rthe porpsect of May or Gove against Owen Smith or Angela Eagle despite recent control of future policy development …..you cant be serious!

    PS I thought the plan was to parachure David Miliand into Batley and Spen which the Tories have said they will not contest but with Chilcoot a week away I guess trhat was a daft idea.


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