Exaro: Survivors and witnesses details safeguarded

There have been rumours on the internet that details of survivors and witnesses have been leaked from Exaro following its sudden closure last week.

This is to tell you that both I and Mark Conrad have received full assurances that all information not only affecting  our child sexual abuse allegations but  a wide area of other investigations have been safeguarded as required to comply with privacy and data protection laws. Anyone suggesting anything to the contrary is wrong.



8 thoughts on “Exaro: Survivors and witnesses details safeguarded

  1. if you’re using Windows they already got it for sure, second you put it on the computer….even with a linux distro, impossible to know for sure…..ironically though they may well leak it for you then prosecute you for it….can see that happening now! only likes of Vaz can get away with that….:-(

    then again they might just ‘investigate’ you and steal the info ‘legally’ that way…..


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