Daniel Janner is wrong to say all allegations of child sex abuse against his father must be fabricated

lord janner

Lord Janner Image courtesy BBC


There is nothing more understandable than a son and a daughter wanting to clear their father’s name of serious unproven allegations after he is no longer here to defend himself.Particularly if the allegations concern such a heinous crime as child sex abuse.

And their father Greville  was a national figure with a huge reputation as a fighter for reparations for the victims of the Holocaust.

However  his son Daniel Janner, himself a prominent barrister, has gone over the top in deciding that the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse cannot examine the allegations against his father.

He told the BBC that all the claims  against the late Lord Janner by 33 people were fabricated, the police investigations into claims against his father were ” rubbish” and that the people concerned had colluded with each other to make false allegations.

For good measure he added that people were motivated by getting compensation and that he knew his father was totally innocent of all charges and had never been convicted of anything. He claimed the inquiry would be discrediting itself by looking into his father because the people making the claims would not be properly cross examined.by a barrister who would presumably accuse them all of being money grabbing liars.


Daniel Janner QC Pic credit: http://www.regulatorycriminallawyers.co.uk

Now Janner is a prominent criminal lawyer. If you look at his entry in the Birmingham based No 8 chambers here you will see he has formidable record.

As the entry says: “High profile cases include:The Heysel Stadium football extraditions; The Knightsbridge Safety Deposit box robbery; Oyston and Martin rape trials; French student murder trial; “Happy slap” murder trial; London City Bond fraud trial; Gouldbourne Cayman Islands murder; McGrath money laundering; Cleeve Prior missing body murder; Lord of Fraud, Rodley trials.”

He also has defended a former headmaster against allegations of historic child sex abuse.

Therefore it is rather surprising as a QC that he  has decided that his father is totally innocent given that the Crown Prosecution Service, while rejecting the need for trial just before his death on medical grounds, concluded in 2015 that  “the evidential test was passed on the basis that the evidence is sufficient to have warranted charging and prosecuting Lord Janner in relation to the particular charges”.

A further independent investigation by Sir Richard Henriques into allegations against Janner concluded: ” I am satisfied that, in 1991, there was a sufficiency of evidence for a prosecution to be commenced against Janner for offences of indecent assault and buggery with Complainant 1.”

And ” Had the statement of Complainant 2 been forwarded to the CPS, there was, in my judgement, a sufficiency of evidence to commence a prosecution against Janner, in 2002, for indecent assault and buggery both with Complainant 1 and Complainant 2.”


” In my opinion there was sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction in 2007, and Janner should have been arrested and interviewed and his home searched.  He should have been charged with offences of indecent assault and buggery with Complainant 1, Complainant 2 and Complainant 3.”

Finally there is the investigation by the police watchdog into the failure of the police investigation into Janner. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said it had served criminal and gross misconduct notices on 11 individuals in July.

Now if we are to believe Daniel Janner these respected bodies and Sir Richard have been taken in by lying child sex abuse survivors and must be (though I am sure he wouldn’t use such language ” a load of gullible twats.”

By saying that as Janner was not convicted of anything he shouldn’t be investigated by the Jay inquiry he also raises another question. Logically neither should Sir Cyril Smith nor Jimmy Savile be investigated because they can’t defend themselves and all allegations against them should be dismissed and forgotten. This puts him firmly in the camp of those who say really there is no such thing as any widespread child sex abuse and  an ideal advocate for the Justice for  Jimmy Savile  website which believes he is innocent.

I am aware the Janner allegations are highly controversial. Some like a former researcher  I interviewed who worked closely with Janner on Holocaust issues would 100 per cent concur with Daniel.

Another researcher  who worked for him had deep suspicions though no proof but told a story about a colleague  remarkably similar to one reported in the Jewish Chronicle this August. Only in this case Mr Janner did take the young man down to the sauna.

Whatever happens the Jay inquiry does need to look at Janner as part of its institutional abuse inquiry. There is too much smoke around to dismiss this particular fire.








8 thoughts on “Daniel Janner is wrong to say all allegations of child sex abuse against his father must be fabricated

  1. David, I agree with your comments. A similar howl of rage would have been heard from my family in defence of my father, the former Earl of Sandwich Victor Montagu, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I had written a book exposing him.


  2. You mention just “a” daughter. I’d noticed that Laura Janner’s name was missing from recent reporting of the efforts by Daniel and Marion Janner to have IICSA’s investigation of the allegations against their father dropped or at least reformulated. Are you implying that Laura Janner has chosen not to join in her brother’s and sister’s campaigning?


    • Owen you raise an interesting point which I hadn’t frankly given a lot of thought. I did send a link of my blog to Daniel Janner who has responded by offering to meet me and discuss his objections and claims. I intend to take up that offer and will seek to clarify your point.


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  4. Perhaps if Daniel Janner took the time to speak with victims of his late father and those of us who worked with them and their peers he might cease making such derogatory sweeping statements; although if his ego is as great as that of his aforementioned father, I doubt that.
    As someone who knew, and had to work with, Greville Janner at the time, I personally find Daniel’s comments as baseless as those of who he is attacking


  5. I simply do not understand the motivation of the vast majority of the mainstream media with regard to the abuse of children at the hands of the powerful and unaccountable. It beggars belief that family men, and women, with children of their own, can be so wilfully blind. The Times writers are the worst culprits.
    Is it a masonic thing, common purpose, religious, are they hog tied by owners, are they bound by official notices that we are simply not allowed to know about?
    Or is it, as I suspect, that the whole establishment would come crashing down, and so therefore it is really an issue of National Security?
    I have no confidence in the enquiry which is a Home Office stitch up.
    Where does it go from here, I fear nowhere.


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