4 thoughts on “Journalists v Journalists: Daily Mail suing Byline

  1. Reblogged this on Buried News and commented:
    If you can remember the Daily Mail, known in some circles as the Daily Hate campaigned for Press Freedom. So oddly they are bringing the force of Law against a Newspaper most people have never heard off, I suspect they will do shortly!


  2. Paul Dacre should refect that one day the hate that sells his newspaper may turn on even him. And while’s at it perhaps he could justify the propriety of the relationship beween his journalist Stephen Wright and the subject of Wright’s reporting Paul Settle. And maybe too explain why Guy Adams wasn’t interested enough to follow up the story of Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to investigate child abuse and trafficking in Islington care homes.


  3. Very well put. Many, like myself (an ex-hack), will look into byline.com and continue to avoid the Mail like the plague. Best wishes, PC


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