Independent Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry WILL investigate the late Greville Janner and whether there was a cover up

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Lord Janner Image courtesy BBC

The independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has decided to go ahead with a wide ranging inquiry into allegations that the late Greville Janner was involved in child sexual abuse and whether the Labour Party, the intelligence services, Parliament and government departments could have been involved in a cover up.

The decision, announced on the inquiry’s website, comes despite strong objections from Lord Janner’s family and a plea from retired  Assistant Chief Constable Tony Butler, from Leicestershire Police  to halt investigations immediately.

The terms of the inquiry are set out in a full statement  from Alexis Jay, chair of the inquiry here but the full terms are worth repeating in full.

” 1. The Inquiry will investigate institutional responses to allegations of child sexual abuse involving the late Lord Janner of Braunstone QC (“Lord Janner”).
2. In particular, the Inquiry will consider
2.1. the adequacy and propriety of law enforcement investigations and prosecutorial decisions relating to allegations falling within paragraph 1 above;
2.2. the extent to which Leicestershire County Council and the Kirkwood Inquiry were awareof allegations falling within paragraph 1 and the adequacy of their response;
2.3. the extent to which the Labour Party, Parliament, government departments, and/or the security and intelligence agencies were aware of allegations falling within paragraph 1 and the adequacy of their response;
2.4. the extent to which any other public or private institution may have failed in its duty to protect children from sexual abuse in respect of the allegations falling with paragraph 1;
2.5 whether any attempts were made to exert improper influence in order to hinder or prevent an institution from effectively investigating or otherwise responding to allegations falling within paragraph 1.
3. In light of the investigations set out above, the Inquiry will publish a report setting out its findings and recommendations to improve child protection and safeguarding in England and Wales. ”


Daniel Janner QC Pic credit:

In a series of private meetings Lord Janner’s three children, Daniel Janner QC,Marion Janner OBE and Rabbi LauraJanner-Klausner,  objected to further inquiries while they were pursuing cases against people who had claimed they were sexual abused by him in the civil courts.

They two daughters argued: “The Janner family and Estate remains energetically opposed to the singling out of an innocent, dead man for a paradigm case study that will, necessarily, be based on incomplete and distorted information.

“It is a further insult to Lord Janner’s posthumous reputation with consequential cost to the Janner Family and Estate, including devastating emotional upset.
It would be more representative to pick a prominent person from public life as the paradigm who is either alive,or has been subject to a prosecution process (whether convicted, or not).”

Daniel Janner argued:“the decision on whether to hold the investigation and whether it should be part of the Westminster strand should be put on hold pending the outcome of the civil case and IPCC.”  He insisted that his father was innocent.

There was also an attempt by the Janner family to have one member of the panel, Dru Sharpling removed from this particular inquiry, on the grounds that she could have a conflict of interest having worked for the Crown Prosecution Service and HM Inspector of Constabulary, but this was rejected by Amber Rudd, the home secretary.

But the strongest objection came from the former assistant chief constable of Leicestershire Tony Butler, who wanted the inquiry stopped.

He argued:”this particular investigation is unlikely, by virtue of temporal scope, number
of institutions involved or as a paradigm of the “pendulum effect”, to contribute
any unique or unusual feature”

He claimed all previous inquiries had already established what needed to be done in Leicestershire – during the time Frank Beck, who was found guilty of numerous child sex abuse attacks – in the 1990s. This is quite evidently not the case as the excellent book Abuse of Trust by  Paul Gosling and Mark D’Arcy which examined the Beck scandal reveals.

But this was rejected by alleged victims of child sexual abuse and counsel to the inquiry and their view prevailed.

I am very pleased with the decision particularly now it is known that the scope of the inquiry will be wide ranging. It is equally important that the inquiry looks at whole picture surrounding the allegations of child sexual abuse against Lord Janner which means delving into the Labour Party, Parliament, the security services and Whitehall and also forensically investigating whether there were further cover up. if they appear to be true.

So I applaud Alexis Jay for pursuing this against a background where some newspapers would rather it was not investigated.


13 thoughts on “Independent Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry WILL investigate the late Greville Janner and whether there was a cover up

  1. Thoughts on Mr. Butler’s intervention: The current Leicestershire Police leadership and the CPS have indicated that there was sufficient evidence to prosecute Janner earlier. One would presume this evidence was available when Butler was in post. Mr Butler’s comments to the Inquiry are expressed in legalise rather than “police-speak” so I assume that his contribution wa phrased by legal counsel. Do we know who is paying for his legal counsel? Do we know if it the public pure (e.g. through some police insurance scheme)? Do we know if Mr. Butler is under any IPCC scrutiny for the failure to prosecute Janner on his watch? Answers to these questions might shed some light on why this man is seeking to prevent light being shone on the allegations against Janner.



    This article makes interesting reading in the light of Mr Butler’s intervention and interested watchers observations thereon.
    I would have thought that the IPCC investigation would be looking at all of this, but time will tell. Once more the mainstream media shows a remarkable lack of interest but that’s no surprise.
    I still cannot find out why three claimants against the Janner estate dropped their claims recently. I would have thought, had it been because they were spurious, the Janner family would be shouting from the rooftops, but nothing? Is there some sort of confidentiality agreement or even a notice not to report? Would we know?
    On the main article and having read the inquiry website I am impressed with Jay, she certainly seems to be tenacious. I wonder what they will drag up against her? I hope they are not plotting to use the Emmerson issue to discredit her but who knows.


  3. It is equally important that the inquiry looks at whole picture surrounding the allegations of child sexual abuse against Lord Janner which means delving into the Labour Party, Parliament, the security services and Whitehall.
    The one question I want cleared up is why did Janner have so much influence at the top echelons of the Labour Party if it was known he was connected or rumoured to be connected to such vile activities.


    • A couple of years back a former Mi6 officer told me ‘You will never get Janner’. I replied I was not interested in Janner only in the EGH but I did ask him why he believed that. He replied ‘he has done too much for this Country’. The issue of obtaining files from SS’s re. CSA which Government had asked for was passed on.

      Extract from the IICSA NOTICE OF DETERMINATION DATED 11 APRIL 2017 –
      Re. Section 17f:
      f. the existing archive only operates to save cost in the event the Investigation
      continues but, as noted ante, conclusions have already largely been drawn
      and appropriate remedial measures taken and, where that is or may not be
      the case – for example the adequacy of response by political parties,
      Parliament, government departments, and/or the security and intelligence
      agencies, the necessary consideration will have to take place in any event,
      quaere in relation to more suitable cases;

      Independent Inquiry? Got all the paperwork you (IICSA) have asked from SS’s?


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