Election 2017: Prim Headmistress v Cool Grandad


General elections should be all about policy rather than personalities. But what about the non political vibes that may decide how you cast your vote? And why is Jeremy Corbyn rather than Theresa May such an unlikely icon for younger voters?

Theresa May

Prim Headmistress Pic credit:BBC

The impression I get of Theresa May is that she is a retro figure who would love to turn Britain back when she was born in the 1950s – the days when the Ford Popular was the car for the aspiring masses and yes, we had lots and lots of grammar schools.

Her demeanour is everything like the prim and prissy heads of old single sex grammar schools who ruled the roost, took no prisoners, and bullied the staff as well as the pupils.

They had a very narrow vision of Britain based on God, Queen and Country and thought girls should be well mannered ( no swearing), academically bright  and get a professional job.

It is no wonder then that she has made grammar schools the centrepiece of her 21st century education policy – they reflect her own image and values. They also co-opted a very small section of  academically bright working class fellows – just to make sure the great unwashed lost any aspiring leader who  would foment dissent and acquired the right middle class values.

As a head of  a girls grammar school she would have eschewed violence- caning was for men – but anybody who was naughty would be put  in detention  and made to write lines.

I imagine as PM she would love to punish the millions of Remainers in Britain by making them stay in their homes for an hour and write ” I love Brexit” 100 times until they were forced to agree.

Her views on immigration are also very 1950s. She is not racist but she is obviously missing the almost exclusively white grammar school classroom – with just the odd aspiring West Indian and Asian to add a bit of flavour and hopefully  imbibe middle class values. Which is why we get the tens of thousands mantra rather than free movement.

I wonder what she really thinks of the internet – which allows free rein to any expression – given she wants to control  what is said – something that even China finds difficult. It reminds me of what one angry director said about me criticising his product – you ‘re quite at liberty to moan about it in the pub but you shouldn’t put your views online for everyone to see because it damages my company.

None of the above is likely to appeal to the  majority of the young who like Britain being a tolerant, open, multicultural and diverse place and don’t want to be bossed about.

Jeremy Corbyn Pic Credit BBC

Cool Grandad Pic credit:BBC

Which then brings me to Grandad Jeremy. By rights he shouldn’t be an obvious icon. Every idea and political stance he had is supposed to be old hat – like renationalisation of the railways and saying trade unions are a good thing. The youth have been told for years by the Sun and the Mail  he is an extremist and  supports dangerous terrorists and has radical policies that will destroy Britain.

But I suspect they have been surprised by what they have seen. It does not marry with what they have been told. To them he must look more like a thoughtful grandad who has retained his youthful idealism. They may not agree with everything he says but they respect him for sticking to what he believes and not being phased by strong criticism or bossy interviewers.

Also young people – being young – are normally full of idealism themselves – they are not naturally bitter and twisted and don’t hate the present Britain they live in. They might like the fact that as a politician he doesn’t do personal abuse. And they might agree that indiscriminate bombing of civilians is not the way to ensure lasting peace.

The Establishment may laugh at him having an allotment or wearing home knitted jumpers but I suspect that cuts no ice with the young – whose grandads may also have allotments and have granmas who can knit.

It is this underlying contrast that I suspect has caused a bit of a sea change in the expected outcome of the election – which on day 1 looked a slam dunk for the Tories with a majority of 150 to 200. It may still not change the ultimate result but it is no longer clear cut and there are 11 days to run.








9 thoughts on “Election 2017: Prim Headmistress v Cool Grandad

  1. Apart from Blair ( Neo Con & Warmonger in reality) Labour Leaders have always had a bad press. Harold Wilson was always slated, and the 1974-1979 Labour Government was undermined by the Press and a organisation that seen the Labour Party as the enemy within.
    In fact this election does have a feel of the 1964 election about it, once Labour was elected people realised that these people where not going to seize their meagre savings or make them share their house with immigrants and this led to the 1966 election win. There is a slight problem for Corbyn and this is not of his making. It is called the Parliamentary Labour Party, for one thing is sure if Corbyn did win he soon he be finding himself cycling to his allotment as the champagne socialists will soon dispose him for a Blairite clone.
    As for Mrs May, forget her policies, that’s not what this election is about., it’s about securing a majority for WAR.


    • It shows the generation gap as when I was young, the only women who held powerful positions where teachers and matrons. I feel sorry for you growing up in a world dominated by strong and powerful women like Mrs May. LOL I am sure Lynton Crosby sits her down every day in front of a mirror and tells her to repeat the following STRONG & STABLE, STRONG & STABLE.
      I suppose this remark is sexist and ageist, but my defence is unlike you youngsters I was educated in a different culture and society and although I have embraced change it is very hard for me and many others to totally eradicate the 1950”s cultural norms from our mind-set.


      • If the English speaking world can only produce Trump, Clinton, May or Corbyn as its potential or leaders I can only draw the same conclusion as President Putin, Western Democracy is finished. For me only two European leaders stand out, Putin and Merkel, alas I see no potential British World Statesman on the horizon in the UK.


      • “You prefer Donald Trump to Hilary Clinton?”

        As though they were the only two choices!

        Do you prefer Clinton to Trump, Owen?


  2. Oh David you are SO correct, as a former grammar school girl (one of the aspiring working class lot) my old head was precisely as you describe – a Bully. Anyone and anything that was outside of her experience was to be berated, scorned and isolated in order to prove her ethos. A Brilliant piece, Thanks


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