Jeremy Corbyn’s biggest victory: Revitalising democracy

Jeremy corbyn rally

Jeremy Corbyn rally – as big as a Gladstone or Disraeli rally. Pic Credit; Twitter


Jeremy Corbyn’s good performance  in the polls last night was not just brilliant for Labour. It was also not just because he produced a left of centre detailed manifesto. It was not even because he avoided ” yah boo sucks”  attacks on the Tories or Liberal Democrats.

His biggest victory last night was because he galvanised democracy and got a new generation of young people to take an interest in politics and bother to register to vote. He did this in the extraordinary space of two months.

On  March 24 Tribune published an editorial highly critical of Labour’s performance in general and Jeremy Corbyn in particular. It said simply Labour isn’t working and this was from a left of centre magazine not the Daily Mail.

Lest it be forgotten then the Tories had a 19 per cent lead over Labour and crucially had a 41  to 29 per cent lead among the  18-24 year old group.  Thus at that time Theresa May even had a lead among students and young workers.

Now in the remarkable space of  just 10 weeks Jeremy Corbyn and his election campaigning team has totally transformed the picture of politics for youth.  Not since the barnstorming performances of Gladstone and Disraeli in the nineteenth century and Churchill in the early twentieth century have such huge crowds turned up at rallies to hear a party  leader speak.

And remember these huge meetings predate the invention of radio and TV let alone the internet and the smartphone.

To get youth as enthusiastic to think they can change events in an age of so many other distractions is a mega achievement which leaders of every other political party should be profoundly grateful to Jeremy. For if the idea of change through the ballot box is not passed from one generation to another democracy dies and dictatorship looms. And given it was against a background of two random terrorist attacks aimed at the young is even more remarkable.

Sadly I must say his dream of encouraging young people to participate in democracy did not seem to be shared by the Conservatives. They did not appear to be encouraging the young to  register to vote – presumably because Lynton Crosby thought it would not get many new votes for the Tories.

And worse on polling day some people – including one person with a blue rosette in Enfield and a UKIP and Tory run council in Plymouth – lied to young first time voters that they needed an ID card to vote at polling stations- presumably in a desperate move to keep  Labour from winning marginal seats. Theresa May does want to introduce ID cards for voting – but I am afraid it is not the law at the moment so it is illegal to mislead voters.

The contrast between Labour and the Tories over democratic rights is still continuing after the election. Theresa May is behaving like a headmistress of a rather badly run prep school  – by pretending that she is still running a successful operation when people are stopping paying the fees. She has lost authority and seems to be developing a  “bunker type”  mentality ignoring the reality that the game is already half up.

There appear so far to be no concessions to the democratic process from the Tories – and the main aim seems to be to ally May with the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland – probably adding to division there between them and Sinn Fein. Would she ban abortion in the rest of UK if the DUP demanded it? Would she concede to some of their antiquated views about gays? How will this play out over the present crisis in Stormont?

But I profoundly believe that what Jeremy has started cannot be stopped. There may have to be yet another general election after a few months to complete the transformation – though this will be highly risky in the middle of Brexit negotiations. Theresa May called the election believing her own propaganda that Jeremy was a no hoper. Now she has found out the hard way  that he isn’t and no matter how many pages of propaganda Paul Dacre and Rupert Murdoch use to smear him it no longer works.


7 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn’s biggest victory: Revitalising democracy

  1. May has suddenly discovered that the name of her party is Conservative & Unionist Party – I wonder why? Is she prepared to risk the DUP and Sinn Fein continuing to fail to agree a power-sharing agreement just to protect her position?
    The young people vote was and will be critical. That’s why I printed & distributed leaflets telling people how to register to vote before 22 May. Pushed 200 leaflets through doors in flats and houses in Berkhamsted where the occupants were likely to be renting and transient, No mention of any political party.
    If we think back to 1974, Labour had a minority government after the February election and Wilson went to the country again in October and won a majority, albeit a small one. Will that happen again this year?

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  2. The greatest achievement of Corbyn in this election was to finally nail the Blairite lie that you can only win a British election by a centre right programme. The decline in the sale of newspapers I think to some degree weakened the Tories. The ongoing growth of Twitter etc. also helped to give the impression that things can change.
    Taking all that aside, there is one sociological factor not to be overlooked and that is many younger voters have found themselves cut off their parents and gran-parents path to prosperity. A Degree in Accountancy which would have usually led to a middle Class lifestyle in Suburbia, may now lead to counting your student debt, living in a rental property, paying huge sums in rental for a small shard flat, and working on zero hours contracts.
    Never mind, the Graduate can think of better times ahead when they inherit their parents house,. Alas, Mrs May who would be keen on reducing death taxes for the wealthy, viewed your middle class parents property and finance as government property: so even your inheritance vanished in the mist of the Con Party’s Manifesto.
    Is it no surprise that Corbyn’s rallies where filled with the newly created working class. Alarms bells should ring in Westminster as a reading of history shows its this group of people who create the revolutions of Europe.


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    The Pendulum has moved
    Nothing will slow the momentum

    Our Society’s moral compass is restored, thanks to Corbyn, his team, and SocialMedia


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