New Video:The time for 50s women pensioners to take action is now

With less than a month to go before the local elections if the 3.9 million 50s women pensioners want to influence events the time to do so is now. These are the people who have been deprived of a pension for up to 6 years by successive governments putting up the pension age and were not given proper notice of the change unless they happened to be a nerdy Parliamentary watcher.

This website is supporting the #BackTo60 campaign because it believes this is one of the largest injustices to a group of women perpetrated by any government in recent times and it seems clear that many of the £76,000 a year MPs are not bothered about what happened to them. As a group their vote is taken as for granted by the present government. I have made a contribution to the film.

This film made in the London borough of Barnet because it is the most marginal council going to the polls in the country. It also has 18,200 people living there who have been affected by the decision. Every councillor standing in the May  elections needs their vote – which gives them an ideal opportunity to demand they do something for them.

This film contains contributions from two  existing Barnet councillors – one Labour, Andreas Ioannidis and another an ex Tory, Sury Khatri- who are prepared not only to listen to them but also to get something done.

There are also contributions from blogger Theresa Musgrove – best known in Barnet for her popular @brokenbarnet website- and campaigners Hilary Law, Prafula Shah and Anija Bablee. The narrator is Joanne Welch, who has put together the # BackTo60 campaign.

The programme was produced by Hello Dear films by Jaspar Warry, Joanne Welch and Yvette Greenway.

Watch it. Learn what is going on and then do something about it.



6 thoughts on “New Video:The time for 50s women pensioners to take action is now

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  2. We have been deprived all our working lives of proper pension provision. I cannot understand why the government cannot be taken to court over this. When I started to work at 16 I never received the same wage or benefits as males at the same age. I have NEVER achieved parity in all of my continuous employment. Sadly I believe the Union movement have never engaged with women and allowed this injustice to be perpetuated. Put simply this should never have come into law. Rise up and change this.


  3. I totally agree also as well as women not getting equal pay there were also very little places that offered women a works pension I’m nearly 63 and have to wait until my 66th birthday to get my pension ,I’ve worked all my life and feel I have been stolen from ,how these governments c n just break a contract and not answer to anyone where is the democracy in that


  4. Why have we been deprived of our pension for a further 6 years. I thought I was getting an old age pension when I was 60 and as a result did not make changes to my preparations for retirement
    as I was not aware that I needed to. I have worked hard all my life and had a full job since I was 18 and I am now 64. That’s almost 46 years of paying into the system! I did not have enough notice to prepare for this change.


  5. Why don’t they just allow anybody with 35yrs or more of paying the full stamp to take their full pension if they wish seems a very simple and fair why to sort this issue out.


  6. I agree women should get their pension at 60. I am now 62 and was told I won’t get my pension till I’m 66. That is so unfair. I have worked all my days starting my first job when I was 15 years old and always paid the big stamp.stop giving to people that haven’t contributed to the public purse and give me who has for many years my pension that I was supposed to get at 60.


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