Novichoc: From Russia with Love

A rather sick  Christmas joke Pic credit: TVRAIN Russian TV


I don’t readily comment on actions by other media but the decision by the Russian state broadcaster Russia Today to send out to other Russian state broadcasters chocolate models of Salisbury cathedral as a Christmas gift is one of the sickest messages I have seen at a time of festive cheer.

As a report in the Independent shows it has rightly raised hackles in Salisbury a city disrupted by the botched assassination attempt of a former Soviet spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter using the lethal poison Novichok. This later tragically led to the manslaughter of Dawn Sturgess, another Salisbury resident. Her partner Charlie Rowley is still ill.

The idea that there is anything remotely funny about sending gifts of a chocolate Salisbury cathedral as a Christmas present from Russia to well wishers and supporters suggests those involved have a really disturbed mindset.

Everybody knows that the cover story of the two agents posing as tourists about visiting Salisbury Cathedral broadcast on Russia Today was an absurd explanation.

The only sad thing is that it is also a reminder every time Theresa May talks about leaving the EU to ” take back control of our borders” also looks pretty sick. This is particularly so when a couple from a non EU country can get into the UK intending to commit murder with impunity under the noses of our own security forces.

So I hope anyone who received such a gift from the Russians in the UK put it in the bin where it belongs.


8 thoughts on “Novichoc: From Russia with Love

  1. It is outrageous to be brutally honest David.
    I am amazed at the disgusting mindset that has produced such offensive gifts and the crass stupidity of anyone, with an ounce of humanity, could not be offended by the story.
    It is stunts like this one that only harden my views of the appallingly difficult if not impossible task for the West to ‘deal’ with the Russians on any level !!
    If this were set within the context of a classroom then the Russians would undoubtedly be the school bullies.


  2. I think even worse is British Newspaper headlines. A man at a Tory Conference who said “Lets Bomb Russia” and lets kick away the walking stick of the leader of the opposition. Party packs for celebrating the death of Baroness Thatcher, on sale at the TUC conference Or on Twitter “The only good Tory is a dead Tory. If you want more of that sort of headline and stories try a British newspaper oriented daily and near a shop near you.


  3. Only place I’ve seen the accusation that RT has been sending chocolate cathedrals….but yes, obviously appalling behavior abhorrent to any decent person. But have to take exception to you stating the British Govt’s position on this as ‘fact’ when it really is rhetoric/ propaganda….thought you knew better than that. Hope you will take the time to read what Craig Murray and others have had to say on that whole thing, different perspective….


  4. Women born the 1960s had the benefit of legislation to ensure they were treated equally, we didn’t. When you earn half pay and have no job security if you get married or become pregnant it’s hardly surprising our private pensions are so small.


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