On Byline Times: Grayling on track for next ferry fiasco

Chris Grayling: Transport Secretary faces fresh contract debacle

Chris Grayling, the transport secretary, is facing a fresh fiasco over new ferry contracts to bring in goods if Britain leaves the EU on Oct 31.

The minister known as “Failing Grayling” has already cost some £3.5 billion in lost revenue and overspending in his three ministerial jobs since 2010.

A report from the Commons public accounts committee today reveals he just 21 days left to re-order contracts to bring in supplies if either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt sticks to the Oct 31 deadline – deal or no deal.

The full story is in Byline Times here.

5 thoughts on “On Byline Times: Grayling on track for next ferry fiasco

  1. What else would you expect …… Never shocked any more by what any of these clowns do.

    When we get to elections I will never vote again for major parties. They have no one’s interests at heart only their own.

    How can you have someone in the position of Chris Grayling managing any kind of Dept or fund.

    He couldn’t even manage his pocket money. But never mind we will keep throwing money away because we have a bottomless pit.

    When all these cock ups are put right the DWP/ Government won’t have enough money left to buy a pot of tea.

    Just keep messing up your adding to the loathing we have for you all. There will be a time when Jo public the people you are working for will say ENOUGH is truly ENOUGH.



    • It beats me why this failing buffoon as still got his job. Anyone else that wasted a firm the amount of money he has wasted would have got sacked ages ago. But then it is the DWP we are talking about that seemingly don’t know there backsides from there Elbows. Meanwhile the tax payer and vulnerable people have to foot the Bill’s for the waste such as failing Grayling keeps creating….. makes my blood boil when I have to wait an extra 6 years to get my pension.. grrrrrrrrrrr… 🤬


  2. Just read John Majors challenge re Brexit. He wants to action a Judicial review against the shutdown of parliament to get Brexit through.

    Think there definitely should be a Judicial review to shut down parliament as it’s beyond repair. If government was an old car it would have gone through the crusher ages ago. Brexit is a fiasco to end all fiascos. As a government Dept the DWP the department of Wanton Purgatory should close down with you.

    There are far more important things going on in our Country with mega impact on the poorest. Do you really think a person living on a pittance or a person struggling to carry on working with ill health because they cannot access their state pension truly gives a damn. People struggle to exist living in poverty and trying to have the mere glimpse of some quality of life. Brexit is just another government mess that will cost billions like all the governments messes.

    There are too many hidden agendas, lies, cover ups and malpractices. This is not what the general public want. The whole of government has lost sight of its duties.

    Any company has to follow strict policy else there no point in having policies. Those found guilty of mis management should be replaced by people who have the ability to do the job.

    It is mentioned that John Major would have to see the queen to action a Judicial review. I think that’s a good idea but go to her to get the whole Dept shut down until you fix the damned cock ups that are persistently made at the public’s expense.



  3. Prey tell why on earth is Grayling still in Government ?
    He has caused so much damage on all levels.
    Financially, emotionally-Countless ways of causing grief whether within the prison system, ferry debacles -the list is a very long one sadly


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