Revealed on Byline Times: How Brexit planning boosted tax credit fraud

Whitehall Brexit redeployment boosts tax credit fraud at revenue and Customs. Pic credit:

The Revenue and Customs agency has sacrificed the monitoring of fraud and error in paying out £22.9 billion a year in tax credits to millions of people so it can meet deadlines for Brexit.

The switching of 270 civil servants to prepare for Brexit from checking error and fraud among people claiming tax credits has cost Revenue and Customs up to £1.46 billion in overpayments, the National Audit Office has revealed.

The losses are the highest since 2011 and has led to the NAO qualifying the accounts of Revenue and Customs as inaccurate for the 15th year running since former Labour chancellor Gordon Brown first introduced tax credits in 2003.

The losses come on top of figures from the Department for Work and Pensions which disclosed that in the last financial year benefit error and fraud is running at record levels. Altogether the level of known error and fraud in both departments has now been revealed to total a record £7.5 billion.

The full report is on Byline Times here.

3 thoughts on “Revealed on Byline Times: How Brexit planning boosted tax credit fraud

  1. If that had been the EU dealing with Tax Credits and Fraud, you would never hear the last of it, so are the gains we get from leaving the EU been squandered by the Westminster government. One thing puzzles me, for a number of years we have had government cuts to the budget especially in defence spending so how do we find all this money for tax credits etc, ah yes, we borrow more money to cover it and the budget deficit increases so the government will have to wield the axe to pay the interest. Some politician enlighten me please?


  2. & some of could never claim such things as they refuse to give u the special forms….insiders also stole my identity over 13 years ago now and have been claiming benefits in my name ever since….it’s so easy for them once you’re on the inside….how many others? Bet it a lot more than the 20 odd billion worth quoted here….but are they English Billions or Amerikan Billions….? Do they even know….? they are idiots after all


  3. The daftest part of all this Boris comes into power and keeps Amber Rudd in charge of DWP.

    Boris may not have been most people’s choice but he’s set his new Government up with his new MP”s but he’s kept Amber Rudd.

    I have to question why.

    Let’s see what amazing changes shes brought to the table. It certainly can’t be because her Dept is doing exceptional work or that she genuinely cares for those who need support.

    So the reason she’s in can only be to set her up for one giant fall. As the more and more cock ups her department make the more and more money the government pay out.

    Moreover Boris will want to be seen with his finger on the pulse and stirring up an ants nest. Clearing out the messes that have been festering for years.

    Hope I’m right as this Country cannot afford to keep paying out for poor administration. Our reputation is at risk and moreover they’re hurting the most vulnerable in our Country.

    Let’s get a grip of the situation Boris, I’m all for a new broom sweeping clean but don’t sweep the back to 50’s women back under the rug. As we are going nowhere, we will be on your agenda day after day even through the summer Parliament closure.


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