Byline Times :National Audit Office to probe the taxpayers’ £6.6 billion ( yes it is really that!) Boris Johnson is spending on a No Deal Brexit

The National Audit Office has a useful hub on its site bringing all its Brexit investigations together.

I have a full story on Byline Times here.

As a taster:

Parliament’s financial watchdog announced the “super investigation” a week after Parliament rose. It now includes the extra £2 billion Johnson earmarked this month for “turbo charging” the No deal process.

 It follows a total of 24 reports by the NAO on Brexit since 2016 which highlighted scandals and public waste. This included the exposure of former transport secretary Chris Grayling’s mishandling of No Deal Brexit freight contracts which cost the country over £50m including paying Eurotunnel £33m in an out of court settlement.

8 thoughts on “Byline Times :National Audit Office to probe the taxpayers’ £6.6 billion ( yes it is really that!) Boris Johnson is spending on a No Deal Brexit

  1. Failing Grayling non existent ferries were a shocking waste of public money. #ToriesOut they are now beyond comprehension. BoJo has a mental complex that most psychological experts would be hard pushed to categorise. I hate them all. They only ever want what is good for Tories.


  2. No wonder state pensions are being discussed to increase to late 70’s before they can be claimed.

    The disgrace of the way they throw money about like confetti whilst a large majority of this country are struggling to make ends meet. I’m ashamed of where this Country is going.

    As a child I heard of class of people but never comprehended what it meant. It seems to me the most needy of this Country just do not appear on
    any government agenda. They talk the talk but they don’t know what it’s like to live a life of poverty or struggling. A life of struggling you would wish on no one.

    Their attitude let the poor sods keep working till they drop like flies governments ok we’ve got a mega private pension.

    Let the poor sods get their weekly groceries from the food bank it costs us nothing.

    Let the poor sods claim benefits they will have to go through so many hoops they will give up. Anyway we have paid Citizens advice to keep a lid on things and not discredit us so theirs little chance of that hitting the media.

    The state of this Country lies at our own doorstep no where else. We vote for these people we give them the power.
    They promise the world and give you nothing . It’s pure selfishness and greed, a total lack of respect for the people of this country. We’re not a bunch of idiots, we know when we’re being made mugs of.

    Believe me Boris were no one’s puppet, we’ve struggled as a Country since the resession and who allowed that one to happen …. For such intelligent people I have to ask how you manage to go from one financial crisis to the next.

    The Country has imploded, feelings are running high. We’re all sick to death of Brexit, were sick to death of the government’s inability to manage from ministers to DWP departments.

    You lot aren’t suffering we are. I suggest you all get your heads out of the financial times to see how your stocks and shares are doing. Get your bloody Harrods jackets off and get down to a food bank and work there for half a day.

    Then when you’ve finished that go and visit some poor sod who’s had their benefits rejected and have the other half a day in their world.

    Get a grip and think about others not yourselves



  3. I did not think the UK had that amount of money to throw around? The talk of the town may be of ‘the end of austerity’ and ‘Brexit dividends ’states the Resolution Foundation in 2018. Did I miss the party for this event? As for one who lives in a far away place which the Chattering Classes only visit for votes it came as a pleasant surprise to see firstly the former PM splashing the cash and no surprise at all the taxpayer picking up bills for Graylings tenure in the Transport Department.
    If my memory serves me correctly did the Spivs and wide eyed boys who ran the Brexit campaign ever mention the cost of their massive project. If I remember the spiv the pint and tab in his hand propping up the bar told the people all we need to do is walk away its as simple as that. Another quite porky chap who probably ate too many Mars Bars as a child told us we could have the money spent on paying our dues to this rich man poor mans club (EU) spent on the NHS. What he did not tell you was he was putting it up for sale.
    Then neither did he tell us that some of the savings due to austerity, would be ploughed into government plans for leaving the EU, why need plans and contingencies is a mystery, remember all you do is just walk away, simple as that said the chain smoking bloke at the bar selling pork pies. So what’s the objective of Brexit? Independence, Free Trade in a world of Trading Blocs perhaps. Or Parliamentary Sovereignty perhaps? No the main purpose of Brexit is so that Billionaires can continue tax avoidance. Boris never mentioned that did he, and that’s why Boris as to leave by the 31st October.
    They took your money to protect theirs from the taxman and not just that some of these billionaires tanning themselves in the Caribbean also receive subsidies from the taxpayer for their companies. Starting to resemble the Feudal System if you ask me?


  4. What about 50’s ladies who have been robbed of their pension, when are the government going to sort this one, its an absolute disgrace. No notification and we are suppose to just accept it beyond comprehension. When did we stop living in a democratic country!!!!!!!


  5. Typical politicians – along with CEOs and other minted bastards, the only ones that can get away with total fuck-ups costing the taxpayer millions without suffering the appropriate consequences.


  6. Next the HS2 fuck-up, possible cancellation after spending 7 biillion of the tax payers’ money. Rings a bell/link with/back to, amongst other things, TSR-2 in the early 1960s.


  7. You know what? The only european story that matters for the vast numbers of ordinary blokes is whether or not our football clubs have a chance of winning the European Champions League. Said but true.


  8. I have never felt such despair as I do for our country. You look at the cock ups made, costing this country billions from ferries, HS2, Brexit, pension credit, 50’s born women’s pension debacle and the benefits mis management and the list goes on and on and on.

    I feel like we’re all on a runaway train, we have no control on where we’re going to end up. If you just look at the messes being made by government why would anyone trust them to make a successful job of anything.

    I’ve voted most of my life, I have no particular party but I vote for those I think will make a difference. Sadly I have seen no party with any true consideration for the ones that need help and support. They talk the talk, promise the world but do nothing other than improve their own lifestyles.

    I am sick to death of selfishness, greed and injustices in this Country. Their are people out there struggling to exist …not live. We’ve got kids living in shipping containers, people with serious illness having to go through loops to get benefits as the assessment has no common sense. You have women born in the 50’s having to work another 6 years of which a judicial review judgement is awaited.

    Sadly the Brexit fiasco and much manipulating information lead many to believe out of the EU was the best stance. I believe The EU played a big part in that, they treat every Country as one size fits all. It doesn’t!!! A bit of common sense and flexibility would of stopped all this chaos.

    We voted to leave the EU and now left ourselves in a position with few dentists doctors nurses vets etc as they all went back to their countries. Trying to get a dental appointment is like winning the lottery.

    Parliament could not agree any way forward and couldn’t work for the benefits of the Country. They all pulled in different directions for their own hidden agendas.

    I hope and pray we come out of this positively but moreover I want the working class people of this Country and the needy of this Country put at the top of the agenda for the future. I will never vote again until I see a party with the passion to serve the ones that need the help.

    Remember when you have little to no money life is not living. Life is an existence and every day a struggle. No one living in our Country should be existing when we waste so much money.

    If you want votes then show the people of this Country you mean what you say. I’m tired of lies, deceipt, cover ups and mis management. Somehow I don’t think I’m on my own.

    I want back a Country to be proud of, a Country that sets a standard to the world.

    I feel nothing but shame and disgust as we must be at the centre of the best jokes around the world.

    For the first time ever I fear for our future. Following the worst recession ever I just pray were not moving into a cyclone of self destruction.



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