Byline Times: EU countries and Switzerland tighten laws to block Brits right to work in Europe in “No Deal” Brexit

EU and UK flag: Pic Credit: European Commission

The Swiss will introduce work quotas, the Danes and Estonians will treat new Brits settling there after Oct 31 under the Alien laws and the Belgians will introduce tough border checks to see whether we have enough money to holiday there.

All this is in new legislation already passed by many of the 31 countries in Europe to counter Boris Johnson’s No deal Brexit on October 31.

Read the full story with all the facts on Byline Times here. Plus you can check the new legislation yourself – most of it in English – by going to an expat blog Dispatches Europe.

10 thoughts on “Byline Times: EU countries and Switzerland tighten laws to block Brits right to work in Europe in “No Deal” Brexit

  1. Smart Hencke, not very many seem to have bothered to look at the consequences for us over there.  If McCluskey has decided he still doesn’t want to call out the crooks, he’s one of them.  Which might explain why he’s not bothered about what happens to his members – or maybe he sees NHS break-up as the Field of Armageddon..


  2. Sorry, David, I wasn’t addressing you as Hencke in my squirarchical mode, the e-mail was meant for a friend and fellow-reader.  I’m glad, though, that you’ve addressed the issue of UK citizens’ employment in  the EU post  Brexit, it’s not had enough attention.

    All the best



  3. After a few days on Twitter skirmishing with Dad’s Army (Brexit Brigade) the more I fear for this country. I remember the bravo in 2016, (we show the Huns and Frenchie’s) they need us more than we need them. The UK is Germany’s treasure Island and we will dictate the terms of trade. All we need to do is leave and they be knocking at the door.
    Then we have the failure of UK politicians to recognise that when Juncker said “This is the only deal on offer”, he meant it.
    I despair of a political class who with exceptions of certain individuals, would be placed in the D stream of a school. Some believe that the European Court of Human rights was an integral part of the structure of the EU. An Australian friend sends me the Australian perspective of Brexit. The views range from are they on drugs to we thought our lot are useless. When it came to Boris as PM “you can’t be serious”. when I told my friend he be PM.
    If you want to understand the economic effects of a break up examine the Austrian Hungarian Empire. When war was declared in 1914 , crowds cheered and the view was we beat the Hun by Christmas. Sadly, many will cheer on the 31st of October, “this is the day of Liberation” Farage will tell us, but words only cover up the economic reality of if you are a medium size power you need to trade in a bloc of nations.


  4. Cant say i blame them. Boris get your act together no deal is suicide. Put all the cards pn the table and then call another referedum. We voted to leave because we were cohersed by politicians who had no clue as to what it implicated. Great Britain or ‘Little Britain’ Think maybe the latter the way its panning out.


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