On Byline Times: MPs slam secrecy and cover up over Brexit management consultancy contracts

Whitehall claimed ” administrative error” for all the secrecy

Whitehall is condemned yesterday by a powerful all party committee of MPs for being over secretive over the award of nearly £100m of management consultants contracts to handle Brexit.

The Commons Public Accounts Committee accuses Whitehall of breaching government guidelines in making public contract details, awarding nearly all the work to just six companies and covering up some of the contracts.

Full story on Byline Times.

5 thoughts on “On Byline Times: MPs slam secrecy and cover up over Brexit management consultancy contracts

  1. Omg 100 million and they can’t pay the pensioners what we are owed. What the hell is the matter with this country and the people supposedly running it ?


    • , what is wrong with the people of this country would be a better question. It more resembles a cross between the GDR and a Banana Republic. Our MP’s are our representatives not delegates for Johnson or Corbyn. It is now clear that our constitution is nothing more than a fig leaf to cover the actions of Government. The Crown which was supposed to be our last defence against tyranny turns out to be nothing more than its rubber stamp and an expensive one at that.
      We have discovered that the executive can give directives to close Parliament as it can call a State of Emergency, Certainly the latter will be declared around the 31st of October. Lenin’s power to the Soviets which was followed by Trotsky closing down Soviet “into the dustbin of history” Update every one who did not support the actions of Boris and his gang are rubbish, trash. and we are leaving on the 31st October, this date is written in stone, many will suffer some may die, but its a price worth paying.
      The evidence, the words of our Great Leader on one of the dreadful crimes in society Child Abuse. His exact quote from an LBC interview in March was: “You know, £60m I saw was being spaffed up a wall on some investigation into historic child abuse and all this kind of thing. What on earth is that going to do to protect the public now?”
      It sums up the man, I leave the reader to decide if he should be in politics neither while PM of a once great country.


  2. That’s why they employ people like me. Cheap, over-qualified for the role & with liabilities. Hostages to fortune. Easy to blame but give us roles of responsibility. Slam dunk! Risk register/assurance for £98 billion to Price Waterhouse & corporate report lead on £10 per hour via contracted recruiter, Brook St.


  3. I can’t comment on the deatils of these contracts but, as Whitehall and the Government machine have been totally incapable of negotiating a good deal in three and a half years, perhaps the task should be handed over to competent professionals whose livelihood depends on successful outcomes. Hopefully, this will also stop honours for the civil servants who have failed.


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