On Byline Times: MPs slam Home Office for “Windrush” scandal that hit 50,000 overseas students over cheating claims

Home Office HQ: MPs accuse the ministry under Theresa May of ” entirely unacceptable” behaviour in handling the problem

MPs today accused the Home Office of learning nothing from another “Windrush” scandal over their treatment of 50,000 overseas students from outside the EU and European Economic Area who were said – many wrongly – of cheating in oral English language tests to get a university place.

The Commons Public Accounts Committee said it is “staggered” by the uncaring attitude of the Home Office over the fate of thousands of students who were accused five years ago and had their visas cancelled or voluntarily left the country as a result. Others had to spend thousands of pounds to win court cases against the government to prove their innocence.

The full story is here on Byline Times.

3 thoughts on “On Byline Times: MPs slam Home Office for “Windrush” scandal that hit 50,000 overseas students over cheating claims

  1. Yeah well this gov as robbed it’s own people. People that have paid into its coffers for 50 yrs nearly the 50s ladies should come first and we should get our pensions back and back dated. I appreciate students need to be educated and learn trades but they are not paying into the system for what they take out of it. Sorry if I am sounding bitter here it’s because I am fed up that the gov can’t look after it’s own people let alone anyone elses. give us our pensions back we paid in. They are NOT a benefit they are a RIGHT that we were promised..


  2. While there will always be people who abuse the system (likeable rogues or just downright crooks) it is always the innocent ones who suffer. How many young people have been suffering silently at home because of this. Why would you ask a company to investigate itself with voice recognition equipment anyway. In my opinion, this is just another government scam to improve targets.


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